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3rd Jul 2023
Top Leading resilience speakers book at talent management bureau Great British Speakers

Resilience is strongly linked to a positive mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, a rapid pace of life, the stress, and the challenges we face both personally and professionally can take a toll on our ability to stay resilient, especially when we feel anxiety or pressure.

Enhancing your ”Mental toughness” however, is just one way we can encourage positive our mental health. Because whether within our professional or personal lives, having the ability to persevere, adapt, and maintain a positive mindset even in the face of adversity is critical for success.

But, developing mental resilience requires practice and intentional effort. Strategies such as setting realistic goals, maintaining a growth mindset, practicing self-care, seeking support from others, and engaging in mindfulness or relaxation techniques can all contribute to building mental toughness.

Here, at Great British Speakers, we work alongside some of the UK’s leading Resilience Speakers available to hire for speaking engagements for in-person or virtual events.

Below are just a handful of the motivational resilience speakers we have to offer but you can view many more just by clicking HERE

Adam Peaty OBE | Resilience Speaker

Olympian and resilience speaker Adam Peaty brings a unique perspective, delving into the mental aspects of being an elite athlete and the tenacity required to thrive in such a demanding field. Adam’s wisdom and guidance on building resilience, determination, and mental strength in the face of challenges resonate with people from various walks of life. His speeches leave a lasting impact, motivating individuals to push their boundaries and pursue their dreams with unwavering resolve.


Amar Latif | Resilience Speaker

As a blind entrepreneur, Amar Latif is a living example of defying societal expectations and pushing boundaries. He encourages individuals to challenge their own perceived limitations and find opportunities within adversity. By sharing his entrepreneurial journey, Amar imparts valuable insights on perseverance, innovation, and the power of determination.

Amar was recognised for his achievements on the King’s first birthday Honours List in 2023.

Amar Latif blind adventurer mental health resilience speaker book at bureau agent Great British Speakers

Anthony Bennet | Resilience Speaker

Anthony Bennett’s incredible journey from near-death to becoming a popular motivational speaker has earned him the nickname ‘Miracle Man’ and established him as one of the most inspirational speakers on the circuit. Despite being given just a 10% chance of survival after falling ill following a school trip, Anthony defied the odds and emerged triumphant, demonstrating unparalleled resilience and determination.

His talks are characterized by his open and honest approach as he shares the challenges he faced during his recovery. Having to relearn how to walk and talk after fighting for his life, he offers a firsthand account of the physical, emotional, and mental obstacles he encountered on his journey to recovery. Through his vulnerability and authenticity, Anthony captivates audiences with his story of triumph over adversity.


Clare Lomas MBE | Resilience Speaker

Claire Lomas is a a former event horse rider who’s emerged as one of the most inspirational sports personalities following a life-altering accident in 2007 that left her paraplegic. Despite the challenges she faced, Claire has shown incredible resilience and determination, becoming a symbol of strength and perseverance, completing the London marathon post-accident, in a ReWalk robotic suit.

Claire’s remarkable fundraising efforts, which have raised over £500,000, have made a significant impact on various charitable causes.


Clive Branson | Resilience Speaker

Throughout his life, Clive Branson has faced significant challenges, including personal grief, the diagnosis of life-limiting diseases, and a period of time spent in a psychiatric hospital. However, Clive’s experiences have shaped his perspective and fueled his mission to inspire others.

As a mental health speaker, Clive Branson brings a unique blend of honesty, vulnerability, and resilience to his talks. He candidly shares his own battles with physical and mental health, encouraging individuals to embrace their vulnerabilities and view them as a part of their journey rather than something to be ashamed of. By embracing our vulnerabilities, Clive believes that we can find the strength to not only survive but thrive. Learn more about Clive in his blog: Overcoming Adversity – a Chat with Clive Branson.


Dr. Kate Allatt | Resilience Speaker

Dr. Kate Allatt is a Stroke survivor story is one of incredible resilience and determination in the face of unimaginable challenges. Due to a faulty anesthetic in surgery, Dr. Kate experienced Locked-In Syndrome. Despite the daunting prognosis, Dr. Kate’s strength and determination propelled her to overcome the many of the physical side effects of the syndrome, and three months of leaving the hospital, she founded Fighting Strokes.

In a remarkable display of resilience, Dr. Kate astonishingly completed a run her ‘first stroke anniversary’, defying the expectations of her condition. Her personal triumph serves as a powerful symbol of hope and resilience for stroke survivors and those facing similar challenges.

Eddie the Eagle | Resilience Speaker

Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards gained worldwide recognition during the 1988 Winter Olympics, where he represented Great Britain in ski jumping. Despite being a novice and lacking any proper training, Eddie’s resilience, unwavering determination and fearless spirit propelled him to compete at the highest level. Although he did not achieve remarkable success in terms of winning medals, his charisma and tenacity captured the hearts of millions around the world. Decades on, his story continues to inspire generations. Eddie’s impact extends beyond the realm of sports, as he embodies the spirit of defying expectations and embracing one’s true potential.

Penny Mallory | Resilience Speaker

As a motivational business speaker, Penny Mallory teaches the importance of mental wellbeing and how to be ‘mentally tough’ in today’s rapidly changing and innovative business landscape. She believes that those who possess mental toughness are more likely to prosper and succeed.

Her insights shed light on why mental toughness is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked within both individuals and organizations. By providing practical strategies and actionable advice, she helps participants recognize the value of mental toughness and its impact on performance and profitability. Learn more about Penny in her blog on Mental Toughness.

Rob Hosking | Resilience Speaker

Rob Hosking is an inspirational resilience speaker who is deeply passionate about mental health and well-being. As a former front-line Police Officer, Rob often felt part of a ‘macho culture’ where he felt unable to discuss his struggles. Becoming a qualified mental health first aider, Rob discovered the importance of mental wellbeing and brings a wealth of experience and insights to his speaking engagements. Rob now speaks passionately about the need to change employer cultures and create safe spaces for employees to openly address their mental health.

Shona Hirons | Resilience Speaker

Shona Hirons life took a drastic turn when she experienced a work-related breakdown, followed by a life-changing accident and a cancer diagnosis. However, these challenging experiences served as a catalyst for personal growth and ultimately led her to establish Mindset in Motion Ltd. Today, Shona is a highly accomplished resilience speaker and life coach who uses her own journey of self-discovery to help clients around the world enhance their mindset and navigate their own challenges.

Featured Bonus – Lisa and Simon Thomas | Resilience Speakers

Lisa and Simon Thomas are exceptional resilience speakers who have embarked on an extraordinary journey of exploration and adventure. In 2003, they set out on a mission to explore the planet, traveling independently on two off-road motorcycles.

For the next 17 years, Lisa and Simon Thomas courageously explored some of the most remote and inhospitable regions on Earth. Their journey has been marked by a fast-paced and challenging adventure that defies the ordinary, including a notable occurrence involving the mistaken kidnapping of an African President’s son, which undoubtedly adds an intriguing twist to their journey.

Along the way, they have had many unique opportunity to interact with diverse individuals, from Maasai warriors to business moguls, creating a rich tapestry of experiences.

Simon & Lisa Thomas Bolivia Inspirational 2 Ride The World motorcycle adventure motivational speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

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Our motivational resilience speakers Can contribute to creating a positive and productive work environment and will provide valuable insights and strategies to help your audience manage stress, burnout and improve overall mental wellbeing.

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Sally Gunnell OBE | Corporate Wellbeing Workshops.

Since retiring from athletics, Sally also runs a very successful employee wellbeing solutions company. Working with organisations of all sizes, Sally’s approach is about applying techniques and experiences learned from the Olympic track to the board room; she delivers the link between organisational health, performance, and results.  Learn more about Sally’s corporate wellbeing workshops HERE.

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