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Overcoming Adversity – A Chat with Motivational Resilience Speaker Clive Branson

3rd Apr 2023
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Introducing Mental Health & Resilience Speaker Clive Branson

The last five years have been an astonishing period for Clive Branson, including personal grief, the diagnosis of two life-limiting diseases, and spending seven weeks in psychiatric hospitals. Clive’s mission now is to actively demonstrate that, with a positive mindset, we all have the Resilience to overcome adversity.

Having been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2017 and Prostate Cancer a year later, Clive has battled more than most. And although the last five years have been rather eventful for Clive and his family, his own philosophy now is a simple one – to not allow daily challenges to define him.

A Chat with Motivational Resilience Speaker, Clive Branson

Since his life-limiting diagnosis, Clive’s resilience continues to shine through. As a motivational speaker, he now shares his experiences and actively demonstrates that we do have the ability to overcome adversity. Inspired by Clive’s story, we invited him to take part in our ‘Chat with…’ series at Great British Speakers to share his remarkable journey. Here, Clive chats to our director Jane Farnham – watch below to see what makes Clive a truly remarkable, engaging and inspirational mental health and resilience speaker.

To learn more about Clive Branson, visit his bio page.

Encouragement Vs Pressure

– the latest keynote talk from Clive Branson

Even though it was an awfully long time ago, I do actually remember being 15 years old. Further education was definitely not part of my “plan”, I badly wanted to discover this thing called real life.

However, despite my confidence and enthusiasm, I had absolutely no idea who to listen to, and which path to take. Now, my wife and I are blessed with having four sons, and our youngest is 15. He is currently experiencing the build up towards taking his GCSE’s, and deciding upon his next move. Obviously we want to encourage, motivate and inspire him, while gently applying the hand of guidance. However, this well intentioned strategy can very easily morph into applied pressure.

All too often, these young people are lead to believe that they are fast approaching a precipice, where they can then fly like a bird, or fall to the depths of despair!

Experience, wisdom and a lot of mistakes have taught me that this next chapter of any 15/16 year old child is exactly that, the next chapter. Definitely not a do or die, hard wired success or failure moment. It is not reckless or irresponsible to open our children’s eyes to the fact that we live life on life’s terms. Of course they should understand ambition, commitment and the ability to reach goals. But equally they must understand that coming in slightly short does not carry a resounding full stop.

Failure, mistakes and vulnerability are all opportunities to learn.

I am living with a life limiting disease, so the realistic lens is firmly applied to my view of the world; My determination to share my profound story and associated experiences so far, is absolute.

The intention is to actively demonstrate that we have hidden reserves of resilience and fortitude, that can lead us towards overcoming adversity, and in turn adopt a positive mindset.

The children I speak of, in my humble opinion, are in need of realistic encouragement, motivation and inspiration. And definitely not deafening, dream crushing, and bluntly applied pressure.

Hire Motivational Mental Health, Resilience Speaker Clive Branson.

Read more about Clive’s inspirational journey from his 17-year career with the Ministry to launching his own successful health and safety consultancy, and how grief, mental health and illness changed Clive’s life – from businessman to motivational health and wellness speaker.

To book Clive Branson for your motivational talk, contact Jane Farnham and Steve Denison at bookings@greatbritishtalent.com or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.

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