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17th Oct 2023
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International Men’s Day (IMD) takes place on 19th November and is a global celebration of the positive role that men bring to society, communities and the family. While acknowledging men’s positive contributions and achievements, IMD also shines a light on the challenges men face, especially with mental health and well-being. 

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International Men’s Day coincides with the month-long Movember, the worldwide campaign to improve men’s physical and mental health.

Why Acknowledge International Men’s Day;

This year, the theme of International Men’s Day is “Zero Male Suicide”. In the UK, 3 out of 4 suicides are by men and globally, on average, one man dies from suicide every 60 seconds. These statistics are a stark reminder of the importance of men’s mental health and the need for safe spaces for open communication in all arenas of life.

By observing IMD, we encourage awareness on the issues men face, while promoting safe spaces for discussion and dialogue.

Our International Men’s Day Speakers are here to provide insight, guidance and support on sensitive subjects including suicide, grief, coping with cancer; disability; mental health and wellbeing; as well as gender identity and equality.


Discover more about the importance of speaking about men’s mental health here.

IMD is also an opportunity to celebrate inspirational role models and the men who have overcome hardship, adversity and immense challenges, transforming these experiences into positives with their inner strength, resilience and determination.

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Our Top International Men’s Day Speakers 2023

Carl Jones | International Men’s Day Speaker

– PTSD, Ex-Police, Workplace Wellness, Resilience


When police officer Carl Jones was shot at 6 times on the job, he experienced first hand the impact a lack of organisational support can have on staff experiencing mental health issues. It was 6 years after the incident that he was diagnosed with PTSD and shortly after this that he was medically retired, losing his career and his self-worth. 

Since his diagnosis, it has been Carl’s mission to ensure that others suffering with mental health get the support they need and don’t experience what he went through. He has developed his own technique called S.L.A.P.  to help and support others, shining a light to show it is a condition that can be managed.

A recipient of a National Bravery Award, Carl is now recognised as an expert speaker on the subject of PTSD and he has delivered talks and training to a range of organisations, from corporate business, universities, charities and legal services. His inspiring talks are full of practical advice that can be implemented immediately.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Carl Jones

Dave Walsh | International Men’s Day Speaker

– World’s Strongest Disabled Man, Multiple Sclerosis, Overcoming Adversity & Resilience Speaker.

Dave Walsh International Men's Day Speaker at Great British Speakers

Aspiring strongman Dave Walsh had his life turned upside down in 2014 when he discovered he was suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, which saw him go from climbing mountains to being unable to climb the stairs.

Multiple Sclerosis not only took away the use of Dave’s legs but it also destroyed his mental health. After seeking help for his mental health Dave realised he needed a passion in life and it was a return to the gym that filled that gap, providing both mental and physical freedom. He found new ways to train and developed his confidence and identity once again, showing that with determination you can achieve your goals. Soon after he discovered Disabled Strongman which was a huge motivation for him and the hard work paid off; he entered and won his first competition.

Showing that anything is possible, Dave was named Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man 2021 and World’s Strongest Disabled Man 2022. Dave’s story is truly inspirational and he aims to promote the power that positivity has on life’s challenges and the ability to achieve your full potential.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Dave Walsh

Matt Ellison | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Transgender, LGBTQ+, Diversity & Equality in the Workplace and Beyond, Inclusion Speaker.

Matt Ellison Book International Men's Day Speaker transgender trans Gender Recognition speaker at agent Great British Speakers

After nearly four decades in a woman’s body, Matt Ellison started the process of transitioning in 2013. Since then, Matt has spoken to global businesses such as Disney, Microsoft and the NHS, providing education on transgender rights, the LGBTQ+ community and legislation, safe practices, and diversity, as well as mental health and wellbeing, courage, motivation and resilience.

With an increasing number of people transitioning, the importance of awareness, inclusion, diversity and supportive mental health practices are more necessary now than ever before. Drawing on his experiences, Matt provides invaluable insight and understanding, offering anecdotes about the experience of a transgender man, with an honest account of all aspects of his journey.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Matt Ellison

David Constantine MBE | International Men’s Day Speaker

David Constantine MBE International Men's Day Inclusion wheelchair designer expert TEDx at agent Great British Speakers

David Constantine MBE is a world-renowned expert in disability design, as well as an in-demand expert across the world on all matters relating to disability. He’s the founder of Motivation – a charity and social enterprise that designs and provides wheelchairs and services for disabled people in the developing world.

Initially interested in developing a career in the agricultural industry, David’s plans were thwarted when a diving accident at the age 21 caused him to break his neck.

David is a very influential advocate for disabled people, speaking at events and advising on global health, disability and political initiatives. During his three decade-long career, David has built a worldwide reputation in the disability sector and was named an MBE in 2010 for services to disability.

David is now one of the most sought-after disability speakers on the circuit, speaking at expos, summits, and to individual business owners and companies.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker David Constantine MBE

Jonathan Acott | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Mental Health, cancer survival, resilience and motivational speaker

Jonathan Acott International Men's Day cancer mindset mental health resilience speaker book at Great British Speakers

For many experiencing cancer just once is a test of a person’s mindset and personal strength but for Jonathan Acott, he has battled and beaten cancer six times. It wasn’t just his physical health that posed the challenges, his mental health also suffered significantly, coping with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Despite the significant challenges he faced, Jonathan still managed to climb some of the highest mountains, swim across lakes, and run in marathons and ultra-marathons.

He has learned invaluable lessons along the way about the importance of positivity, and taking ownership of one’s situation. Speaking to his audiences, he applies these lessons to motivate and inspire others to get the most out of their lives.

Jonathan is known for his authentic, raw and genuine approach to presenting. Whilst his journey started with cancer, his presentations don’t dwell on this; rather they are uplifting, positive and inspirational, providing motivation to others to overcome their challenges and know they can achieve great things in the face of adversity.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Jonathan Acott

Richard Reid | International Men’s Day Speaker

– wellbeing expert, mental health awareness, phobia, motivation and resilience speaker

Richard Reid - International Men's Day speaker at Great British Speakers

Psychotherapist Richard Reid is a qualified coach, consultant, keynote speaker and author, with over two decades of experience.

Working as therapist to companies and organisations including the Ministry of Defence, The Priory, Transport for London, and the City of London Police, Richard also has experience in supporting high-net-worth individuals, C-Suite level leaders, and entrepreneurs.

As a wellbeing consultant Richard has worked with CEOs and large blue-chip clients across the corporate world. He raises awareness of key mental health issues within the workplace and advises and supports senior leadership.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Richard Reid

Jamie McAnsh | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Disability awareness, personal development, mental health, and E,D,I speaker

Jamie McAnsh paralyzed diabled mountain climber International Men's Day motivational speaker at agent Great British Speakers

After waking up paralyzed from the waist down in January 2014, Jamie McAnsh refused to give up and instead faced life and the challenges ahead of him with resolve and determination. Determined not to allow his condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) to hold him back or define him, Jamie approached life with a unique perspective, achieving exceptional success.

His determination led him to climb a mountain using only his hands. His inspiring journey includes being capped for Wales in rugby in 2014 and he currently plays wheelchair basketball for Cardiff.

Jamie’s speeches are filled with awe-inspiring stories of his determination, enthusiasm and passion to succeed in the face of adversity, leaving his audiences feeling inspired and motivated.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Jamie McAnsh

Shaun Flores | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Race and disability, mental health, equality, diversity and inclusion speaker

Shaun Flores International Men's Day Equality Diversity Bereavement inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Diagnosed with OCD aged 27, Shaun went on to experience depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. But it was his therapist who helped him through this and he now wants to help others. He works with several charities and companies to promote the importance of mental health research, treatment and support.

With over 35,000 followers across social media platforms, Shaun Flores is an influencer who uses his creativity to inspire and inform on topics of identity, inclusion, masculinity and mental health, in particular OCD. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Shaun Flores had a tough childhood but it means he has a real understanding of pain and grief, which makes him an informative, honest, and passionate keynote speaker.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Shaun Flores

Rob Hosking | International Men’s Day Speaker

– health and wellbeing, personal development, equality, diversity and inclusion speaker

Rob Hosking - hire international men's day mental health resilience speaker book at bureau agent Great British Speakers

Drawing on his unique background as a former Police Officer and qualified mental health first aider, Rob Hosking is an inspirational speaker and advocate for mental health issues.

A captivating storyteller, Rob shares his personal journey of overcoming adversity and finding happiness amidst the challenges of life.

Drawing from his own struggles, thoughts of suicide, and traumatic experiences he witnessed as a Police Officer, he emphasises the importance of prioritising wellbeing and speaking about your mental health.

Rob identifies the limitations of working in a masculine culture where he felt that he couldn’t speak about his mental health, where he masked his true feelings and played the joker, although inside he was deeply unhappy.

Rob now talks passionately about creating safe spaces within the workplace for open communication and changing employer culture, highlighting that everyone has mental health that needs to be looked after.

As the co-founder of Rise of Happiness, a free wellbeing magazine, he is committed to spreading positivity and breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Rob Hosking

Winston Ben Clements | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Disability awareness, business & finance, equality, diversity and inclusion speaker

Winston Ben Clements International Men's Day Speaker Keynote book at agent Great British Speakers

Winston Ben Clements was predicted to live a life of pain and isolation, having been born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition that stunted his growth and caused extremely fragile bones.

Despite breaking more than 200 bones by the time he was 12, growing to just over 3 feet and navigating life from a wheelchair, Winston Ben Clements chose to create a life that had no limits.

Winston Ben Clements is now an in-demand diversity and inclusion consultant specialising in anti-racism, disability awareness and unconscious bias. He is passionate about supporting organisations to deliver cultural change that is truly inclusive.

Many organisations underperform because the people within them get in their own way. This often entails finger-pointing and making excuses. Winston Ben Clements enables organisations to shift these limiting mindsets in order to create a culture of resilience, high performance and inclusion.

Winston Ben Clements wants to create a world that is truly inclusive for all in it. His ultimate mission is to inspire 1 billion people to unleash their full potential regardless of circumstance.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Winston Ben Clements (available for virtual engagements only)

Steve Carr | International Men’s Day Speaker

– Male Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Homelessness/Trauma & PTSD Speaker.

Steve Carr hire International Men's Day suicide mental health drug addiction speaker motivational agent Great British Speakers

 Steve Carr is a is a mental health and suicide first-aid trainer, mentor, coach and inspirational speaker. He draws on his own painful childhood experiences, which involved being mugged, witnessing the physical assault of his parents and the tragic death of his brother in a hit and run incident.

In the years that followed, Steve became addicted to alcohol and drugs, an addiction that would see him lose family, his partner, his job and his home and nearly his life – he attempted suicide three times in just one month.

Realising that if he didn’t make a change, he would end up dead, Steve made the decision to see his GP, admit to his addictions and seek help. Here followed diagnoses of depression, anxiety, stress, childhood trauma and borderline PTSD.

Despite the diagnoses, Steve went on to complete a number of challenges including the 1,000-mile walk from Land’s End and John O’Groats, cycling 1,500 miles through seven European countries in 11 days, running 70 miles from Hungerford to Buckingham Palace, and cycling 350 miles from Liverpool to Land’s End to help raise awareness of mental health concerns.

Find out more about International Men’s Day speaker Steve Carr (available for virtual engagements only).

Hire an International Men’s Day Speaker

At Great British Speakers, we understand that discussing the topic of Men’s Mental Health, especially in the workplace, can be tricky. But along with our professional speakers, we’re are here to guide you every step of the way.

To find out more or to book any of our motivational speakers for International Men’s Day, Movember or simply to raise awareness or support mental health within your organisation, contact us – we are here to help you find the perfect speaker for the occasion.

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