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Speaking Up on Men’s Mental Health – ‘Our Silent Emergency’ with Roman Kemp

28th May 2021
Hire mental health speaker Roman Kemp BBC Our Silent Emergency at Great British Speakers

Men’s mental health really came into the spotlight recently. Back in March (2021), event host and radio presenter Roman Kemp hosted the hard-hitting documentary, Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency, which explored the growing concerns of mental health and suicide among young men. The documentary, which was highly praised, was a personal journey for Roman after his friend took his own life last year.

Book Men's Mental Health speaker Roman Kemp at Great British Speakers
To book Men’s Mental Health Speaker Roman Kemp Contact Us.

We recently booked Roman to speak at a virtual event for one of our Great British UK clients on the topic of mental health and male suicide;

It was a pleasure to be joined by Roman Kemp to give a fascinating internal talk as we round off our Mental Health Awareness Month. Roman spoke to a member of our Thrive network committee for a frank and open conversation about mental health and suicide. We heard from Roman about why he has become an advocate for mental health and Roman discussed topics such as masking and their own personal experiences of suicidal thoughts. Thank you to Roman for such an engaging session.  

Michael Craig | Associate | Great British Speakers Client

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support and sheer determination for securing Roman Kemp for us! It was a fantastic event and we have had so many positive and extremely personal feedback from our people. It was everything we hoped it would be.

Please do pass on the sincere thanks to Roman and his team, it really was the highlight of our mental health awareness month – candid, authentic, sprinkled with humour with a very important message at the core.

Thank you.

Gabriella Wickes | Great British Speakers Client

Why Do We Need to Speak Up on Men’s Mental Health?

Unfortunately, when it comes to Male Mental Health, many cases may go undiagnosed, with only 36% of NHS referrals being for a male patients. In 2019, 3/4 suicides were men (Roman Kemp on feeling ‘trapped’ by depression – BBC Three) so why isn’t this subject discussed more?

Perhaps unsurprisingly one of the main causes of poor mental health is found to be a negative and/or stressful work environment. And with men significantly less likely to discuss their mental health with friends and family, it’s important that we (as employers, colleges and friends) encourage men to speak up about their wellbeing.

Here at Great British Speakers, we are very fortunate to work alongside some incredible male speakers who have tackled their own Men’s Mental Health adversities.

Today, they use their experiences to help and inspire other men overcome their own mental battles, and ultimately achieve their potential, both within the workplace and in their own personal lives.

Here’s just a few of our Male Mental Health Speakers able to offer insightful talks, engage, advise and truly inspire anyone going through their own mental health journey to seek the help and guidance they require…

Our Top Men’s Mental Health Speakers

Chris Thrall has a degree in youth and community work and is a substance-misuse and addiction specialist. He is able to present this often-misunderstood topic from a positive and progressive perspective. Along with his trademark Royal Marines humour, Chris’ fascinating story, inspirational message and passionate person-centred approach will appeal to those seeking to unlock their potential and corporate clients concerned with the wellbeing of their workforce.

Chris Thrall military drug survivour mental health expert at Great British Speakers
To book Addiction Specialist Chris Thrall Contact Us.

Whilst Glenn Parker was serving, he was involved in a severe assault, which left him spending the next year in Army Medical Care. Whilst he went on to make an almost full physical recovery, he was however left with significant epileptic seizures as a result of his injuries, and to his great sadness, he could no longer serve in the Armed Forces.

As a Men’s Mental Health speaker, Glenn provides encouragement and motivation through the telling of his own journey describing some of the incredible lows and also fantastic highs he has experienced. The talk can be quite emotional, for him and his audience, but the aim is to leave them on a high, to make them realise that the road you thought you’d find yourself on, isn’t always the road you’ll take – but that’s okay.

Men's Mental Health speaker Glenn Parker
To book Assault Survivor Glenn Parker Contact Us.

Mark Lemon is an award-winning children’s author, podcaster, grief & mental health speaker and bereavement ambassador for children’s charity, Winston’s Wish.

When Mark was 12-years-old his father was murdered and he has now dedicated his life to helping children, young people and adults struggling to come to terms with their grief and mental health. In 2019, Mark launched his successful podcast, Grief Is My Superpower. With over 80,000 downloads to-date the podcast has been praised by those finding comfort in their grief and mental health.

Mark Lemon award winning childrens author podcaster grief - mental health speaker bereavement ambassador at Great British Speakers
To book Bereavement and Grief Speaker Mark Lemon Contact Us.

Steve Carr’s dedication for helping others came after multiple childhood traumas and a turbulent adulthood wrecked by addictions and mental health problems, lead to multiple suicide attempts.

Fortunately, he gained his health and emerged a man with a mission to change the stigma of mental health, to ensure no one has to face adversity or challenges alone. His work not only focuses on removing from poor Men’s Mental Health, but also how to get well, stay well and thrive.

To book Childhood Trauma Speaker Steve Carr Contact Us.

Simon Ong is an international business speaker who has spoken at events organised by the likes of Facebook, Google, Salesforce, O2, UK, DocuSign, Barclays and Chelsea FC.

His top keynote ‘Why the Wellbeing of Your Employees Matter’ is an engaging insight into the importance of taking care of our mental health in the workplace.

To book Business and Wellness Speaker Simon Ong Contact Us.

Taking a slightly different approach, Terry Waite CBE has been in constant demand as a lecturer, writer, and broadcaster across the world. 
In 1987 Terry came to the world’s attention when he was kidnapped in Beirut. He was held for five years, the majority of which was spent in solitary confinement.

His unique insight into the experience of solitary confinement and negotiating under acute pressure has been of particular interest in lectures delivered to business executives faced with stress, loneliness, and difficulties in the work place.

Terry Waite CBE hostage Beirut Lebanon Humanitarian hostage negotiator Speaker at Great British Speakers
To book Kidnap Survivor (Overcoming Pressure/Stress) Terry Waite CBE Contact Us.

Ben Smith delivers inspirational talks to audiences covering physical wellness, resilience, LGBTQ+ and mental health.

Ben’s story is one of triumph over adversity, it inspires and motivates all ages.  The way Ben tells his story brings to life the importance of accepting and respecting others no matter who they are; understanding that having resilience is key to overcoming tough times, and ultimately how the self-limiting beliefs we have, can only be tackled by our own willingness to do so.

Ben Smith Motivational speaker LGBTQ+ resilience physical mental health agent Great British Speakers
To book LGBTQ+ and Resilience Speaker Ben Smith Contact Us.

After an injury force adventurer Alex Staniforth to put a hiatus on his running, Alex found himself in a downward mental health spiral, which led to a him developing depression and an eating disorder.

Today however, Alex has managed to turn his life around and now uses his journey to inspire others. Alex believes that, ‘any mental illness makes us more resilient for the stresses of life, and more compassionate people, so we’re better able to understand and help others around us.’

Alex set up ‘Mind Over Mountains’, a charity to restore mental well-being and resilience through outdoor experiences, and his challenges have raised over £100,000 for charities across the UK.

Alex Staniforth young Everest climbing resilience mental health motivational speaker at Great British Speakers
To book Male Eating Disorder and Depression Awareness Speaker Alex Staniforth Contact Us.

Make An Enquiry

At Great British Speakers, we understand that discussing the topic of Men’s Mental Health, especially in the workplace, can be tricky. But along with our professional speakers, we’re are here to guide you every step of the way.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about booking a Men’s Mental Health Speaker then you can email Jane and Steve who will happily discuss your requirements with you and source a speaker perfect for your project.

Or you can call 01753 439 289 to speak with a member of the Great British UK Team.

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