Welcome to Great British Speakers. Launch of a new talent agent.

2nd Jan 2017
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Hello, and welcome to the launch of Great British Speakers! the easy way to find Keynote speakers

We’re building on the success of our sister sites Great British Voices and Great British Presenters, to provide the very best keynoteafter dinner and motivational speakers. As if that’s not enough we also have event hosts, comperesmusicianscomedians, and Voice of God announcers.

As of launch date we already have over 120 talented individuals on our books. Including big names such as George ClarkeBen FoglePhil SpencerAnna RichardsonHRH Princess Michael of KentJonnie IrwinNick Ferrari to name just a few.

George Clarke eco restoration architect designer broadcaster at Great British Speakers
Ben Fogle adventurer broadcaster naturalist at Great British speakers

We’re flattered they’re buying into the Great British Brand we’ve been working on since 2013 which has already grown beyond anything we’d have thought possible. So much so that in that time we’ve already rebuilt the websites from the ground up twice to cope with more talent and add more tools to find the right person for your project. Plus the websites are now dynamic so you can use the site just as easily whether you’re at home or on the move.

Flood-the-Floor,-Corporate,-party-dance,-band,-entertainers, book-at-Great-British-Speakers,

We’re also adding categories for Entertainers, Musicians, Hosts, after dinner speaker, journalists commentators voice of god announcers so there really will be one source for all your industry talent needs!

Lenny Henry, comedian, entertainer, racial equality, diversity speaker, book at Great British Speakers,

We’re already adding more of the biggest names in entertainment and the business world so keep your eyes peeled!

We really look forward to working with you on your project!

Contact us about your celebrity keynote speakers and talent requirements here

Jane and Steve

Great British Group

0044 1753 439 289

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