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Hire a Professional Child Voiceover Artist

13th Feb 2023

A lot goes into hiring a professional Child Voiceover artist, but at Great British Voices, we can do the tricky work for you.

That’s because we’ve just partnered with a fantastic Kids’ voice acting studio, so if you need a Child Voiceover for your next video project, we can offer you the best of BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL child and teen voices.

Despite their young ages – the youngest of our Child VO cast being only 3 years old – our child voice actors are super accustomed to being in the studio and love being behind the mic.

Just listen to their demos, and you’ll know what we mean!


Most of our Child VOs are local to the studio, so recording with fast turnaround is often possible; they are available from 4pm during term time and daily throughout the school holidays.

Many of our older Child VOs travel to us from around the country, enabling us to provide many natural regional accents. We can even offer plenty of authentic American accents too, through our partnership with a US Child Voiceover Agency.

Studio Hire

All of our British Child Voiceover Artists record at our partner recording studio here in the UK, where they receive the best guidance and direction from a professional voice coach while recording your script. There is also a producer present during the recording, so we do everything possible to ensure you get a perfect read the first time around.

Our professional partner studio is also equipped with dial-in facilities / ISDN connection, so you can virtually direct our young voiceover talents as they record your script. Dial also means that we can work directly with our American Child Voice Actors in real-time too! It couldn’t be more simple; dial-in offers our clients the flexibility to choose a professional child voice actor from anywhere around the world.

This is also a brilliant way to reduce travel costs and additional studio hire, ultimately saving you time and money!

However, if you’d prefer to direct in person, then many of our British talents, are able to travel to a studio of your choice.

Listen to All of our Child Voiceover Talents HERE: Hire a Professional Child Voiceover Artist

The Costs of Hiring a Child VO: Usage and Licensing

When working with a Child Voiceover Artist, there are legal requirements involved, and these do come at an additional cost. However, we aim to make this process as simple as possible for any client looking to hire one of our voices.

All of our Child Voices have the correct licensing to work, and we update this regularly, so when booking with us, you don’t need to wait for licensing to be approved – we already have that covered!

Our quote will ALWAYS include;

  • the use of the studio with the option to dial in for up to 1-hour
  • the child’s recording fee
  • voice direction & child chaperone
  • the child’s license to work
  • all usage rights that you require

Hire a Child Voiceover Artist

From neutral RP to regional accents and even international accents and languages too – our range of Child Voices is nothing but versatile, so if you’re after a specific sound and you can’t find them below – then do get in touch, and we’ll try and source that perfect Child VO for you.

Alternatively, if suitable for your script, many of our young adult voiceover artists can make their voice age sound younger, so if it’s a teenage voice you’re after, then hiring an adult voice can sometimes help if budget is of concern and a quick turnaround is required, as less direction and assistance is required.

Mirabel young female voice over with studio at Great british Voices
British VO Mirabel voicing a Kid’s Audio / Teenage Voiceover

To book  your perfect child voiceover artist or make an enquiry, call +44 1753 439289 or email alex@greatbritishvoices.co.uk

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