Buy a house with a stranger? young female presenter Emma Louise at Great British Presenters investigates.

23rd Feb 2018

Great British Presenters Emma-Louise goes speed dating with HSBC

Emma Louise, young female presenter, HSBC, Home-Bae,-house-buying,-book-at-agent Great-British-Presenters,

Well, sort of… they don’t have to be a total stranger to qualify with HSBC’s “Home Bae”!

Young people are finding it increasingly difficult to own a home of their own. Our young female presenter Emma-Louise went speed dating with other young people to see if a mortgage buddy would be the answer.

Emma Louise, young female presenter, HSBC, Home-Bae,-house-buying,-book-at-agent Great-British-Presenters,

‘Home Bae’, the HSBC first time home buyers initiative.

HSBC has developed the term “Home Bae” to define “the perfect person who might just make your home buying dream a reality”

The “Home bae” is a social event is designed to match potential homebuyers who are struggling to get on the property ladder.

For many millennials delaying buying cars and homes is the only practical option. Brands are striving to dispel the adultness and weight of such purchases by creating experiences focused on fun and entertainment.

Now ‘speed dating’ is meeting ‘home buying’ in a unique event hosted by HSBC. It brings together people interested in co-buying a property in London.

This HSBC home buyers ‘matchmaking’ event is called ‘Home Bae’. It’s a free event offering “cocktails, canapés—and co-ownership conversations. Being in exactly the right demography Emma Louise was the perfect person to go and chat to prospective buyers.

Targeting first-time home buyers is a smart move by HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. it has around 7,500 offices in over 80 countries.

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Emma Louise is one of several young female presenters we have in the team. They include: Alex, American Alexandria, Buffy, Property expert Emily, Emily Rose, Esme, teenager Vanessa, Jem, Laura, Mirabel, Social media star Tallia Storm and the amazing quadrilingual Yasmine

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Here’s the result of Emma Louises’ filming trip, which on Twitter has had 161k plays in the first few days!

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