Transform your Business with a Workplace Wellness Keynote Speaker

3rd Jun 2024
Transform your Business with a Workplace Wellness Keynote Speaker book at bureau Great British Speakers

In today’s fast-paced and demanding professional world, prioritising mental health has become imperative for fostering a resilient and thriving workplace environment. In response, businesses are increasingly turning to a powerful catalyst for positive change: workplace wellness keynote speakers.

Here, we’ll explore the profound impact a keynote speaker specialising in workplace wellness can have on transforming your staff and audience. Our speakers bring insights, strategies, and inspiration that resonate at the core of organisational wellbeing.

Top 10 Workplace Wellness Keynote Speakers for 2024

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Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes is the founder of Anti-Bullying Pro, Deputy CEO of The Diana Award, a Queen’s Young Leaders ambassador, and Director of BBC’s Children in Need. Regarded as an expert on anti-bullying, he is also an advisory member of the boards of some major social media platforms, including TikTok, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

Growing up, Alex was on the receiving end of racial bullying behaviour, which developed into homophobic bullying. Determined to take a stand, he set up the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme aged 15. Since then, he has helped train over 40,000 young people to stand up to bullying online and offline.

Whilst a champion for young people’s mental health, workplace wellness speaker Alex is a trusted expert on all issues relating to bullying and mental health, particularly keen on how people who are bullied at school can suffer from poorer job prospects and lack the ability to trust other adults in their workplace as they get older. His work has had a global impact on all ages and can help audience members build resilience and learn how to rise up against all forms of bullying in the workplace.

For more information on Alex Holmes, take a look at his full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Amit Ghose

Amit Ghose TikTok neurofibromatosis disability awareness equality mental health resilience overcoming Adversity speaker at Great British Speakers

Amit Ghose is a disability keynote speaker who was born with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. After enduring years of bullying due to his condition, Amit now helps support and inspire new generations to be kind. He advises audiences of all ages on how to be confident with who they are and how to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Whilst there is more understanding of disabilities in wider society, there are still some taboo topics around it, even within families, friendship groups, and workplaces. Amit hopes that talking publicly about his difficulties will help support and inspire people to be more considerate and respectful. He brings a real impact to organisations, providing help on self-acceptance and confidence, in personal and professional lives. He also helps build tolerance for all people, whether they have a disability and look, act, or think differently. This ensures an open and multi-skilled workforce.

For more information on workplace wellness speaker Amit Ghose, take a look at his full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett Teamwork Maintaining Motivational Virus Resilience speaker at Great British Speakers

Anthony Bennet’s inspirational story about his near-death experience earned him the nickname ‘Miracle Man’ and established him as one of the most popular speakers on the circuit. Despite being given a 10% chance of survival after falling ill, he defied the odds and emerged triumphant, demonstrating determination and resilience.

Anthony had to relearn how to walk and talk after fighting for his life and offers a firsthand account of the physical, emotional, and mental obstacles he encountered. Anthony’s honesty captivates audiences with his story of triumph over adversity.

Anthony offers practical advice in overcoming difficulties, dealing with setbacks, maintaining motivation, leadership, and the power of teamwork. He helps companies to keep their employees passionate and motivated to succeed whilst maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information on top workplace wellness business speaker Anthony Bennett, take a look at his full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart AUSOME Inclusion Diversity Neurodivergent neurodiversity LGBTQ HR Speaker at Great British Speakers

Otherwise known as ‘Ausome Charlie’, Charlie Hart is a highly experienced HR professional and inclusion specialist, specialising in ADHD, Autism, and PTSD. With over 25 years of experience in HR and employment legislation, she has been involved in EDI steering and employee resource groups.

Charlie can help you foster a culture of psychological safety and well-being in your organisation. This will allow all kinds of minds to thrive and bring business benefits—a win-win!

For more information on Charlie Hart, take a look at her full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speakers: Clarke and Carrie Carlisle

Clarke and Carrie Carlisle book inspirational mental health speakers at talent agent Great British Speakers

In 2014, Clarke was hit by a lorry, resulting in cuts, bruises, broken bones, and internal bleeding. It has since become one of the widest publicised suicide attempts of recent years, hitting the headlines across the country. Sadly, Clarke attempted suicide again in 2017, which thankfully failed.

Now, the pair are open and honest about Clarke’s own struggles with mental health, and they talk about how this affects everyone around us, providing audiences with inspiring and actionable outcomes.

Having worked with hundreds of organisations over the years – including FTSE 100 companies – Clarke and Carrie deliver powerful, emotional, educational, and inspiring speeches by providing insight into what it is like to live with a mental illness and what it is like to live with someone with a mental illness. They also provide mental health mentoring to organisations and individuals within that organisation to ensure the healthier mental well-being of employees.

For more information on Clarke and Carrie, take a look at their full profile here.

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speakers: Andrew McNeil

Andrew McNeill stress awareness month hire Mindfulness wellness keynote speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Andrew McNeill has over 20 years of experience in senior leadership, including a role as a Director in the UK Civil Service. He believes leadership techniques must evolve to incorporate mindfulness, compassion, and empathy. As an accredited mindfulness teacher, he combined his leadership expertise with mindfulness principles in his 2019 book, “Organisational Mindfulness: a How-To Guide,” which has sold internationally. Andrew now provides leadership training to various organizations, focusing on enhancing performance and wellbeing through mindfulness practices.

For more information on Andrew McNeil, take a look at his full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Nahla Summers


Nahla Summers is a cultural change consultant, author, and international keynote speaker on overcoming adversity, and coping with stressful situations in the workplace. Her main theory, known as ‘A Culture of Kindness’, looks into how important kindness is at work, and how kindness can improve mental wellbeing, lower stress levels, and increase productivity and profitability.

Nahla has a wealth of experience in improving the way people and businesses think and develop in order to build stronger teams. Using her theory, and her 15+ years of experience in senior l leadership, Nahla helps transform organisations, inspiring a mindset of positive change within the company as a whole, in turn, building stronger teams and individual mindsets.

For more information on Nahla Summers, take a look at her full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Shona Hirons

Shona Hirons Resilience Mental Health First Aid coach Workplace Wellness motivational speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Shona Hirons’ life took a drastic turn when she experienced a work-related breakdown, followed by a life-changing accident and a cancer diagnosis. However, these challenges catalyzed personal growth and ultimately led her to establish Mindset in Motion Ltd, an award-winning corporate burnout specialist.

Today, Shona is a highly accomplished life coach and keynote speaker on resilience, maintaining motivation, and physical and mental wellbeing. Her ultimate aim?

“To improve the wellbeing of people and businesses throughout the world.”

For more information on Shona Hirons, take a look at her full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Ollie Hynd MBE


Ollie Hynd MBE is a three-time Paralympic champion swimmer and inspirational keynote speaker. Diagnosed with neuromuscular myopathy and associated limb deformities as a child, Olly was unsure what impact it would have on his future.

Ollie has been competing internationally since he was just 16 years old, and has – so far – won three gold, one silver, and one bronze Paralympic medals, four gold and two bronze World Championship medals, six gold and four silver European Championship medals, and one gold Commonwealth medal.

An eloquent, entertaining, inspiring, and passionate speaker, Ollie is the perfect addition to any event. He provides honest accounts of his sporting career and disability and ultimately helps employees and companies overcome any obstacle.

For more information on Ollie Hynd MBE, take a look at his full profile here

Top Workplace Wellness Business Speaker: Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking hire male mental health resilience speaker book at bureau agent Great British Speakers

As a former Police Officer and qualified mental health first aider, Rob Hosking is uniquely positioned to help with workplace-based mental health issues.

Drawing on his own struggles, suicidal thoughts, and traumatic experiences he witnessed as a serving police officer, he emphasises the importance of prioritising wellbeing and speaking about mental health.

Specialising in male mental health, Rob identifies the limitations of working in a masculine culture, where true feelings had to be hidden, and mental health conversations were not encouraged. He now talks passionately about creating safe workplace spaces for everyone to prioritise their mental health, creating a more open, honest, and ultimately more successful workplace.

For more information on Rob Hosking, take a look at his full profile here

Feel like you’d benefit from more than just a talk?

Then consider The Burnout Beater workshop with HR expert Colin Minto

Colin Minto Do it Differently - Optimise Your Mental Fitness and Resilience - The Burnout Beater

Burnout is one of the leading factors in poor organisational productivity and effectiveness. Leading mental health speaker Colin Minto has created Burnout Beater workshops. Colin’s unique 15-point strategy helps combat low morale and productivity saving huge amounts of absenteeism that pays for itself in record time.

Colins’ enviable client list proves he can deliver for you too: The Liberal Democrats, Disney, Elida Beauty, LinkedIn, Cognia Law, Deutsche Bank, IQ-EQ, Thales, TATA, Bird & Bird, Lloyd’s Of London, Marriott and USS.

Take a look at Colin’s profile HERE and A deep dive into the Burnout Beater workshop format HERE

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Our keynote speakers are also available for dedicated awareness events, including:

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