Trish UN moderator at The Summit for Human Rights Geneva

1st Apr 2019
Trish Lynch event host UN moderator facilitator at Great British Speakers

Trish has been working in Geneva at The Summit for Human Rights over the last week.

She is a regular United Nations TV reporter on this important topic and chairing and moderating conferences worldwide.

Trish Lynch event host UN moderator facilitator at Great British Speakers

Some background to the event Trish was UN moderator…

The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy brought together diverse speakers: dissidents, human rights victims, politicians and families of political prisoners from around the world to advocate for freedom, rule of law at a time of a global need for human rights advocacy.

Families of innocent prisoners jailed in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China gave heartfelt speeches that left the crowds in awe at the sheer injustice. Members of parliament, the United Nations and the European Parliament called for the release of the prisoners and demanded accountability, echoing the need for respect to democracy, freedom of expression and justice.

More about Trish

Trish is in demand as a live host/facilitator and her natural Irish warmth and professionalism ensure repeat bookings. Never one to be thrown by failing microphones or lost graphics while on stage Trish is a natural ad-libber and will ensure your event runs smoothly, on time and with the right degree of humour for your event.

As well as facilitating conferences, training and award ceremonies, Trish frequently moderates panel debates.

Clients include RMI Analytics, Psion, EFQM Forum, Sony & Seven Seas. Trish has been described as “having a voice as smooth as a pint of Guinness” and has been the voice of many campaigns including Pampers, Phillips, Irish Tours, Murray Homes, Bank Of England and numerous call centres worldwide.

Trish – hosting another United Nations event, this time in Vienna:

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