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22nd Jul 2022

Introducing Russell Beck

Russell Beck is a leadership speaker who is globally acknowledged as one of the world’s top thought leaders in ‘people strategy and management.’ Blending his desire for knowledge, inquisitive nature and belief that things can always be better, Russell has a charismatic, thought-provoking and inspirational speaking style.

Russell joins the dots in such a way that helps organisations take action to enhance productivity and reach their full potential. As a leadership speaker, he captivates audiences, motivating them to think in different ways, providing the impetus to change, and enabling them to move quicker and further than they ever thought they could.

Russell has worked in 30 different countries and has become a leader in the recruitment industry over the past two decades. He has been the Global Head of Consulting for a people and talent strategy organisation, Managing Director for a £120m takeover recruitment outsourcing business; European Head of Talent for Yahoo!; and managing delivery teams that delivered over 1% of all UK recruitment in 2009.


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Russell Beck – Leadership Keynotes

Russell is also keen to enhance employee development and teams. He believes that people are the USP of any organisation, no matter its size or industry.

Russell’s speaking topics may be many and thorough, but you are able to choose one or two as standalone talks, or mix and match some or all of the talks to suit your needs.

Russell’s most recent keynotes include:

  • The Future of Work
  • Productivity, Wellness and Sleep
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Employer Branding
  • Why Do People Leave Their Jobs and How Can We Get Them to Stay?
  • Employee Engagement


  • This will enable you to appreciate how the world is changing and how these changes impact you and your organisation.
  • Briefly review the six global megatrends that are creating and redefining the world of work.
  • Provide answers and offer real-world examples of where the future is already playing out


  • Just ONE bad night’s sleep reduces our productivity by 57% and when pulling an all-nighter, from a responsiveness perspective, we are the same as being legally drunk. 
  • This session draws on the current research to consider why we take sleep for granted.
  • It offers benefits to good sleep and the organisational impact on poor sleep.
  • We provide 10 tangible methods we can individually use to get more sleep and how businesses can help.


  • Nearly 40% of full-time workers believe their job makes no meaningful contribution to the world at all, and staff are three times more likely to stay at a job if they feel motivated. 
  • This session will show you how to provide purpose to your staff.
  • We will give you the business case for providing meaningful work and why a lack of meaning is so debilitating to humans.


  • 91% of candidates will check an online resource, such as Glassdoor, to evaluate a company’s brand before applying. 
  • This session will show you how to define your employer brand and how to manage it.
  • It will also give you seven ways to bring it to life and how to respond to those pesky 1-star reviews.


  • The cost of an employee leaving a company can be up to 250% of their salary, and so massively dwarfs the cost of hiring, and yet, most businesses tend to only measure the number of employees leaving to gauge their efficiency. 
  • This session will show you the real reason why people leave their jobs.
  • It will show you the economic impact of attrition and how it can impact colleagues.


  • In 2020, almost a quarter of the UK workforce were actively looking for a new job, with another 32% considering it; 80% of all employees are stressed about going to work on a Monday morning, but why?
  • This session will define what employee engagement means for your business.
  • We will give you the business case for making it a priority and how to actively do it.
  • We will give you eight tangible methods you can implement today to improve your employee engagement.

His previous keynotes include ‘The Great Resignation’ and ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce’. More information about these can be found here

A Chat With Russell Beck

As part of our ‘Chat with…’ series at Great British Speakers, our Director Jane Farnham sat down with Russell to discuss his work as an employment expert and leadership consultant.

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