Choosing the Perfect Presenter or Celebrity Host for Your Christmas Event

19th Oct 2023
choosing your perfect celebrity host for christmas event party at Great British Presenters

The holiday season is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a Christmas award event that dazzles and delights your audience?

Whether it’s a corporate awards ceremony or a festive extravaganza, selecting the right presenter or celebrity hosts is crucial to ensuring a memorable and successful event.

At Great British Presenters we can help you find the perfect Christmas event host for the occasion.

Choosing the Right Presenter for Your Event

Selecting the right presenters for your Christmas award event is crucial, as they are the ones who will set the tone and keep the audience engaged. Here are 3 important factors to consider:

  • Relevance: Opt for presenters who have relevance to your event’s theme or industry. For corporate events, industry experts or respected figures in your field can add credibility to your event.
  • Engagement Skills: Choose presenters who are skilled at engaging the audience. They should be charismatic, confident, and capable of capturing the crowd’s attention.
  • Familiar Faces: If your audience responds well to familiarity, consider local personalities or employees within your organisation as presenters.

Celebrity Hosts: The Wow Factor

Hiring a celebrity host can take your Christmas award event to the next level. Their star appeal will make sure your event is truly one that is remembered for years to come…

Here are just a few considerations if you are opting for a celebrity host this holiday season.

  • Relevance and Appeal: Ensure that the chosen celebrity aligns with your event’s purpose and resonates with your audience. Their appeal should match your target demographic.
  • Professionalism: Celebrities have a reputation to uphold and this is demonstrated in their professionalism when hosting any corporate occasion.
  • Script and Communication: Collaborate closely with your celebrity host to ensure they are comfortable with the script and messaging for the event. Effective communication is key to a seamless event.
  • Budget: Discuss with us your brief and budget, and we’ll help you find the perfect celebrity host for your event.

Entertainment Acts

To keep the festive spirit alive, consider incorporating entertainment acts into your Christmas award event. Via our sister-site, Great British Speakers, we have many incredible corporate talents to enhance the evening. So when booking a presenter, why not ask us about our corporate entertainment to compliment your evening too.

  • Live Musicians: Hire live bands, choirs, or solo artists to perform holiday classics or original songs.
  • Comedy Acts: Stand-up comedians can add a touch of humor and light-heartedness to your event.
  • Close Up Magicians: Add to the magic of Christmas with some amazing illusions
  • Interactive Experiences: Consider interactive entertainment like one of our cooking demos, tasting sessions or creative workshops.

In the world of event planning, selecting the right presenters, celebrity hosts, and entertainment acts can make or break your Christmas award event. By carefully considering your event’s theme, audience, and desired atmosphere, you can make choices that ensure a memorable and enjoyable celebration. With the right personalities and entertainment, you’ll unwrap the magic of a successful Christmas award event that leaves your guests in high spirits and eager for next year’s festivities. If you’re looking for more than just a host – check out our corporate Christmas entertainment blog below…

Book The UK’s Best Corporate Christmas Hosts.

This holiday season, invest in your team’s happiness and well-being with the best workplace corporate Christmas entertainers. It’s not just an expense; it’s an investment in creating a more cohesive, motivated, and connected team.

Contact us now to discover the perfect entertainment options for your company’s festivities! Email bookings@greatbritishtalent.comor call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.


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