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18th May 2023
Sustainable Business Speakers Great British Speakers

Plastic Free July is fast approaching, and with it comes a great opportunity for companies to reflect upon their environmental impact and how they can make their business more sustainable. 

Our Sustainability Speakers are able to offer personalised keynotes to inspire your employees and/or audience, by sharing their expertise on the topic to help you create long-lasting eco-friendly changes within the workplace, but each little sustainable step made will help to create a more environmentally friendly future.

Plastic Free July speakers UK find the best at speaker agent Great British Speakers

Chris Hines MBE Hon.D.Sc

Chris Hines was a Co-founder and Director of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) from 1990 till 2000, which was regarded as “some of the Government’s most sophisticated environmental critics” by the BBC and “Britain’s coolest pressure group,” by the Independent.

Chris works in strategic planning, communications, leadership and embedding sustainability principles as part of a profitable business, and strongly believes that business can be a force for good in a challenging world.

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Natalie Fee

Natalie Fee is an award-winning environmental campaigner, author, speaker and founder of City to Sea, a non-profit organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at its source.

She has been campaigning against single-use plastic since 2014, founded City to Sea back in 2015 and mostly spends her time connecting to nature, getting inspired by people who know how to fix the mess we’re in and then finding new ways to tell the stories that might just save us, and the magical world we live in, from climate breakdown.

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David Saddington

David Saddington has seen the impacts of climate change and plastic pollution first-hand, from leading scientific expeditions to melting ice caps to working across Africa to build resilience to extreme weather. A keen environmentalist and climate change influencer, David has revolutionised government policy and sustainable business strategy.

He specialises in helping businesses to ”go green” and is on the board of Nile Rodgers ‘We Are Family Foundation’ to support young entrepreneurs. David was also one of the organisers of COP as was a keynote speaker at the event.

David Saddington English climate change expert speaker at Great British Speakers
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Lynne Lambourne

Lynne is an incredibly passionate Interior Designer who specialises in sustainability by reducing waste through upcycling and using recycled materials. Lynne also runs a movement called ‘Warriors on Waste’ where she campaigns against the use of Single-Use Plastic and promotes the use of products made from recycled plastics and ocean waste in her designs.

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Roz Savage MBE

Ocean adventurer Roz Savage MBE, is a passionate campaigner for sustainability and keeping our oceans clean. She is the founder of ‘Sisters Global’, a network of female-led organisations, working together to create a more peaceful and sustainable future and an ambassador for Plastic Oceans and the Blue Frontier Campaign.

We can keep cutting off the heads of plastic pollution, deforestation, coral reef destruction, climate change, and so on, but they will just keep sprouting back. What we have to do is to get to the heart of the monster, and that heart is the fact that we have forgotten that we are a part of nature. When we damage the web of life, we hurt ourselves. 

Roz Savage MBE
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Hire a Sustainability Speaker for Plastic Free July

At Great British Speakers, we have so many more Environmental and Sustainability Speakers to offer than those just listed above. So, if you’re still on that search for the perfect speaker for your eco-conscious event, then do get in touch!

You can also find more inspiration in our Top 10 Sustainability Speakers blog and in our Top British Speakers on Climate Change (COP26) blog.

But, if you’re still not sure about who you should hire for your sustainability event, then our directors Jane Farnham and Steve Denison will work closely with you to help you create a shortlist of options based on your brief and budget.  

So call +44 (0) 1753 439 289 or email as soon as you are ready to start your search.


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