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One Voice Awards 2021… And Our Great British Voices’ Nominees Are….

7th Jul 2021
One Voice Award Winners at Great British Voices

The One Voice Conference is an annual event led by the industry experts. The 4-day event offers everyone from professional voice actors to beginners the opportunity to attend panel talks, workshops and one-on-one training to make any artist a true pro!

For the full schedule click here.

One Voice Great British Voices

This year is the fourth One Voice Conference in the UK and we’re proud to announce that so many of our “Great British Talents” have been nominated for a One Voice Award at this year’s event. See all of our nominees below.


Abi shines confidence when having to engage with an audience, and when Schwarzkopf Professionals launched their new hair colour range ‘#betbh’  they turned to Abi to represent their brand!

  • London
  • 20’s
  • Young, Vibrant, Cool

Listen to Abi’s demos



Alexia’s voice can be described as young and urban with vibrant, smooth and velvety tones. She’s recently completed voiceovers for Yoplait, Hagan Daaz and St. George’s University all booked via us at Great British Voices.

  • London
  • 20’s
  • Young, Vibrant, Smooth

Listen to Alexia’s demos

Anthony H

New to Great British Voices, Anthony is a professional voice talent with over a decade of experience. In 2018, he was a shortlisted finalist in two award categories at the national One Voice Awards and was among the final 6 nominees for best male TV commercial voiceover at One Voice Awards 2020.

  • Neutral Rp.
  • 30-40’s
  • Warm, Reassuring, Smooth

Listen to Anthony’s demos

Ben W

Ben’s voice is particularly well suited to professional corporate presentations, e-learning, educational and training applications, museum audio guides and web tutorials, commercials and promotions. He’s just recorded a corporate voiceover for a national education explainer, booked via Great British Voices.

  • Neutral RP
  • 30’s
  • Sincere, Authentic, Characterful

Listen to Ben’s demos


Chris is a British voiceover artist with a rich, authoritative and engaging tone. He is a classically trained voice artist and Off-West End Award-nominated actor. His most recent booking via Great British Voices was a TV ad for a Book Launch and a corporate video for a UK based transport company.

  • Neutral RP
  • 30-40’s
  • Engaging, Authoritative, Deep

Listen to Christopher’s demos

Dan P

Dan has an extensive background in public speaking, particularly lecturing physics and astronomy as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and STEM Ambassador – perfect for those trickier, explainer reads.

  • Geordie
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Warm, Friendly, Quirky

Listen to Dan’s demos


With over 7 years’ experience in voice acting, 11 years in audio and 35 years in vocal performance, Drew has the skills and passion to bring your story to life! Clients include Essential Festivals, Kia, Geico, Carling, TNT and Expo 2017.

  • Cumbrian/Carlisle
  • 40’s +
  • Friendly, Bold, Unique

Listen to Drew’s demos


Emily is an experienced voice actor, with a background in musical theatre. As a voice actor, she has voiced characters professionally on animations and videogames. She was nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the 2019 One Voice Awards. Her latest project with Great British Voices was an event promo for a US client!

  • NeutralRp
  • 20’s
  • Vibrant, Youthful, Characterful

Listen to Emily’s demos

Ian B

British voiceover artist Ian offers a fresh and upbeat voice with a light Yorkshire or northern twang.  He can be  heard on multiply projects from commercials, corporate films for some huge corporations, instore, and on hold for companies large and small.

  • Yorkshire
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Fresh, Warm, Conversational

Listen to Ian’s demos


Jack is a multi-award winning Northern voiceover artist, having won VOX Male Voiceover Performance of the year 2018 and 2019 and he’s now hoping to add One Voice Winner to his impressive awards lists. he recently provided one of Great British Voices’ client with an impressive corporate/e-learning read.

  • Northern
  • 30’s
  • Sincere, Warm, Cool

Listen to Jack’s demos

James S

New to Great British Voices, James is a British VO whose career has spanned all aspects of the business from theatre to film and television, commercials and now voiceover. He has been a leading man in everything from Ibsen to Sondheim, from the Royal Shakespeare Company to Georges in La Cage aux Folles at the London Palladium.

  • NeutralRp
  • 50’s +
  • Natural, Authoritative, Warm

Listen to James’ demos

Jenny M

Jenny is a multi-award nominated voice actor and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2018 One Voice Awards, Best On-Hold IVR in 2019 and Best Radio Drama in 2020.

Away from the corporate VO world, Jenny is a regular continuity announcer for Channel 4 and More4.

  • Lancashire
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Authentic, Versatile, Friendly

Listen to Jenny’s demos


Jo is one of our original voiceover artists. She has a warm and deeper tone and a strong ability to sound completely at ease with reads, meaning her voice is perfect for both corporate and commercial work. She recently voiced a training video for a large private utility company – booked via Great British Voices.

  • NeutralRp.
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Natural, Conversational, Young

Listen to Joanne’s demos

Julie Anne

Julie-Ann is best known for her character work, in children’s television animation, having voiced characters in Paw Patrol and Babyriki.

In 2018, Julie-Ann recorded for our video game client, Tin Man Games. The role won her ‘Best Voice Actor for a Virtual Reality Game’ in 2019 at the Voice Artist Awards in LA.

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Gentle, Soft, Warm

Listen to Julie-Ann’s demos


Justine has been a voiceover for over 20 years. She has recorded heaps of radio commercials over the years with a list of clients up and down the high street. Justine has recorded for Great British Voices for the Benk Groepand Life Healthcare Communications.

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Classy, Natural, Smooth


Listen to Justine’s demos


Katie has a background in TV news, which gives her a unique understanding of what producers are looking for. And with an MA in English from Cambridge University, she brings smart, sophisticated storytelling to every project.

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Clear, Confident Friendly


Listen to Katie’s demos

Kelly C

Kelly’s 16 years of experience as a Voice Over teamed with her 10 years playing leading roles in Television drama helps get the very best read of your script. Her authentic, honest and relatable warmth is used by Clients around the world including Hilton, NHS, Sony, BBC, Endemol, ITV, Diabetes UK, CBeebies and many more.

  • Northern. Mancunian
  • 30’s
  • Relatable, Friendly, Trusted


Listen to Kelly’s demos


Kimberley is a London-based VO with a natural Rp/Midlands accent. Her recent clients include American Express, ASDA, HSBC, Citibank, NHS, Center Parcs, Harper Collins – for Great British Voices, she recently recorded a series of explainers for one of the UK’s largest Home Improvement retailers. 

  • Midlands
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Natural, Relatable, Versatile


Listen to Kimberley’s demos


Liz has been nominated for multiple voiceover and business awards, and in 2017 was named as one of the UK’s Top 100 Small Businesses, which led to an invitation to 10 Downing Street!

  • NeutralRp
  • 40’s +
  • Confident, Soothing, Assured


Listen to Liz’s demos


Lizzie has a distinctive tone with a confident cool style. Born and raised on the Thames Estuary Lizzie’s neutral British accent is effortlessly adapted from Urban to RP depending on your Voice Over needs. Lizzie’s a popular VO, having voiced for Thames Water and Sanctuary Spa via Great British Voices.

  • London
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Distinctive, Confident, Cool


Listen to Lizzie’s demos


With over 15+ years of VO experience behind her, Louisa is a highly-experienced artist. With a Maths degree from Oxford, and a background in advertising and drama, Louisa has the ability to deliver technical challenging scripts with confidence.

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Silky, Intelligent, Informative


Listen to Louisa’s demos


Lucy is a professional voiceover artist, with a degree in drama. She’s recently voiced explainer Videos for the National Grid ESO and BEIS, Xoserve and Infosys via Great British Voices.

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Appealing, Warm, Versatile


Listen to Lucy’s demos


Margaret is an amazingly talented character actor. With a natural RP accent, she can work in a range of styles, including, her native Geordie, Liverpool (Scouse), Yorkshire, and many more. She’s voiced characters as varied as The Queen to a Wicked Witch, little boy to an old woman and many more…

  • Northern.
  • 40’s +
  • Animated, Articulate, Bright

Listen to Margaret’s demos


A pure and crisp voice of wonderful diction and expression. Natalie is a great communicator, perfect for commercial voiceover and narration. Natalie also has a toolbox full of characters and accents.

  • NeutralRp.Midlands
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Natural, Trustworthy, Crisp

Listen to Natalie’s demos


Paul has worked across every media format there is, from TV and radio to amusement parks and as the voice of cuddly toys.  An expert in accents, he enjoys creating new characters. He’s worked extensively in the dubbing arena, and boasts a personal record of voicing 29 different characters in one movie – each with a different voice!

  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Confident, Friendly, Characterful

Listen to Paul’s demos


Rik is the current male voice for Greatest Hits Radio and previously Bauer’s BC1 promo voice. He’s the current imaging voice for Tindle’s Channel Islands stations, Island FM, Guernsey & Channel 103, Jersey and former Wireless Group AM promo and imaging voice.

  • NeutralRp
  • 40’s +
  • Deep, Powerful, Commercial

Listen to Rik’s demos

Sara ST

Rik is the current male voice for Greatest Hits Radio and previously Bauer’s BC1 promo voice. He’s the current imaging voice for Tindle’s Channel Islands stations, Island FM, Guernsey & Channel 103, Jersey and former Wireless Group AM promo and imaging voice.

  • NeutralRp
  • 40’s +
  • Classy, Assured, Poised

Listen to Sara’s demos

Make An Enquiry

All of our One Voice Nominees are available to book here at Great British Voices. We aim to provide a fast turn-around on all projects, so you can book today and receive your finished audio usually within 48hours of receipt of the script!

We have 300+ voiceover artists, including international voices, kids voices and celebrity voices too! So if you need a voiceover, no matter the specification contact Alex at Great British Voices today to make an enquiry.

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