Inspiring Ideas for HR Professionals Organising Lunch and Learn Events

17th Jul 2023
Inspirational Lunch and Learn events speaker Development ideas at Great British Speakers

Lunch and Learn events offer a valuable opportunity for HR professionals to foster learning and engagement within their organisations.

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These events, held during lunch breaks, allow employees to gather, enjoy a meal, and participate in interactive sessions that enhance their knowledge and skills. In this article, we will explore some inspirational ideas for HR professionals to organise successful Lunch and Learn events. From choosing engaging topics to optimising event promotion, these strategies will help create impactful learning experiences.

Selecting Inspirational, Engaging, Lunch and Learn Topics:

To captivate participants and maximise the effectiveness of Lunch and Learn events, HR professionals should carefully choose topics that resonate with employees. Consider these ideas:

  • Personal Development: Offer sessions on effective communication, time management, stress reduction, and work-life balance.
  • Leadership and Team Building: Focus on leadership skills, fostering teamwork, and enhancing collaboration within the organisation.
  • Industry Trends and Innovation: Explore emerging technologies, industry best practices, and trends that impact the organisation’s sector.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Promote diversity and inclusivity through sessions on cultural awareness, unconscious bias, and creating inclusive workplaces.
  • Wellness and Mental Health: Address mental health awareness, mindfulness techniques, and strategies for promoting employee well-being.
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Creating Interactive Lunch and Learn Sessions

Engage colleagues and encourage active participation during Lunch and Learn events with interactive session formats. Here are some top ideas:

  • Workshops and Skill-building Activities: Provide hands-on workshops where participants can develop new skills or enhance existing ones.
  • Panel Discussions: Invite industry experts or internal leaders to share insights and engage in discussions on relevant topics.
  • Q&A Sessions: Allow employees to ask questions and seek advice from guest speakers or subject matter experts.
  • Case Studies and Group Exercises: Present real-life scenarios or case studies for participants to analyse and solve as a group.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Encourage employees to share their expertise and lead mini-presentations or knowledge-sharing sessions.
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Inviting Lunch and Learn Guest Speakers:

Bringing in guest speakers can add a fresh perspective and expertise to Lunch and Learn events. Consider these approaches:

  • Industry Experts: Invite professionals from the industry to share their knowledge and insights on specific topics.
  • Internal Experts: Recognise and showcase the expertise within your organisation by inviting internal subject matter experts.
  • Motivational Speakers: Inspire and motivate employees by inviting speakers who can share personal stories of resilience and success.
  • TED Talks and Webinars: Leverage pre-recorded TED Talks or webinars by renowned speakers to spark thought-provoking discussions.

Optimising Your Lunch and Learn Event Promotion:

To ensure maximum attendance and participation, effective event promotion is essential. Consider these strategies:

  • Utilise Internal Communication Channels: Leverage company-wide emails, newsletters, and intranets to promote Lunch and Learn events.
  • Engage Leadership Support: Seek endorsement and active participation from senior leaders to encourage employee engagement.
  • Create Eye-catching Posters and Flyers: Design visually appealing promotional materials to capture employees’ attention.
  • Utilise Social Media Platforms: Promote events through internal media platforms, creating event pages and sharing updates and teasers on your intranet.
  • Personal Invitations: Reach out to employees directly, extending personalised invitations to generate interest and excitement rather than just a blanket callout.

Provide an Inspiring Lunch and Learn Meal:

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As Lunch and Learn events involve food, and HR professionals should ensure that what’s provided is nutritious, accommodating dietary restrictions and preferences. Consider these ideas:

  • Offer a Variety of Options: Provide a diverse selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal choices to accommodate different dietary needs.
  • Healthy Refreshments: Include fresh fruits, vegetables, and water stations to promote healthy choices.
  • Cater to Preferences: With increasing awareness of dietary needs, consider conducting surveys or polls to understand employees’ dietary preferences and incorporate them into the menu.
  • Engage Local Vendors: Partner with local food vendors who prioritise quality ingredients and healthy meal options, maybe even farm shops, artisan delis and so on, who would love to get their products in front of a new customer base.

Soliciting Lunch and Learn Feedback and Continuous Improvement:

To enhance future Lunch and Learn events, Learning and Development professionals should gather feedback from participants. Here’s how:

  • Feedback Surveys: Distribute anonymous surveys to assess participant satisfaction and collect suggestions for improvement.
  • One-on-One Feedback: Encourage employees to provide feedback directly to HR professionals or event organisers.
  • Follow-up Sessions: Organise post-event discussions to gather insights and suggestions for future events.
  • Analyse Attendance and Engagement: Assess attendance rates, active participation, and feedback to gauge the overall success of the event.
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The Best Lunch and Learn Events in a Nutshell:

Lunch and Learn events provide HR professionals with an excellent platform to foster learning, engagement, and personal development within their organisations. By selecting engaging topics, creating interactive sessions, inviting guest speakers, optimising event promotion, providing nourishing meals, and soliciting feedback, HR professionals can ensure the success of these events. Remember, continuous improvement and adapting to employees’ evolving needs will make Lunch and Learn events valuable and impactful learning experiences that contribute to organisational growth and employee satisfaction.

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6 Quick Tips for Organising a Successful Lunch and Learn Event:

  1. HR professionals should carefully select engaging topics for Lunch and Learn events, focusing on personal development, leadership, industry trends, diversity and inclusion, and wellness.
  2. Interactive sessions, such as workshops, panel discussions, and case studies, encourage active participation and enhance the learning experience.
  3. Inviting guest speakers, including industry experts and motivational speakers, brings fresh perspectives and expertise to Lunch and Learn events.
  4. Effective event promotion through internal communication channels, visual materials, social media, and personal invitations boosts attendance and engagement.
  5. Providing nourishing meals that accommodate dietary preferences promotes employee well-being during Lunch and Learn events.
  6. Gathering feedback through surveys, one-on-one discussions, and post-event sessions allows for continuous improvement and ensures the success of future Lunch and Learn events

How Great British Speakers can help you find the perfect Lunch and Learn events Guest Speaker:

Great British Speakers, a trusted speaker bureau, can be a valuable resource for Lunch and Learn organisers in finding the perfect speaker. With their extensive network of talented speakers, they offer a diverse range of experts who can deliver engaging and impactful presentations. By collaborating with Great British Speakers, organisers gain access to a curated roster of professionals with expertise in various fields, including personal development, leadership, industry trends, and more.

Great British Speakers simplifies the speaker selection process by providing comprehensive speaker profiles, showcasing their areas of expertise, speaking styles, and previous experience. This allows organisers to find speakers who align with the specific objectives and themes of their Lunch and Learn events.

Additionally, Great British Speakers offers personalised support and guidance, helping organisers navigate the selection process and negotiate contracts. Their industry knowledge and experience ensure that organisers find the perfect speaker who can captivate and inspire their audience, making Lunch and Learn events truly memorable and impactful.


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