Louisa Pilbeam gets down to business at the London Stock Exchange Studios

29th Jun 2019

The television studios at the London Stock Exchange in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral in the City are always an exciting place to present.  News channels including the BBC and Sky used to have their business units based in the studios and they still book them for backdrops for some lives and interviews.  

Louisa says:

I have been presenting a series of interviews there for BWM with the winners of their CEO awards.  It means I get to sit down with some of the world’s biggest business brains.  Some of them are helping bring new cancer drugs to the market, others are behind the new power sources of the future. 

It really is fascinating and inspiring to meet these CEO’s.  Before we head into the studio, I sit down and have a chat with the interviewee.  This is usually the first time I have met them in person, as they are often travelling in from as far as America and Japan for example.  As a presenter, you get the best interviews from people who are relaxed.  So, often, we will speak about the incredible places they live and where they have been recently – so that by the time we go into the studio they are nicely ‘warmed up’ and in ‘interview-mode’!

Louisa-Pilbeam, female, professional, SKY-TV, London, News, business, corporate-TV, presenter, host, Great-British-Presenters, London Stock Exchange,

Mostly, these CEO’s are very confident interviewees; they are used to speaking to the media on camera and in front of large audiences.  So they are not easily phased.  Even so, I feel the warmer the atmosphere you can create in the green room and studio, the better result on camera.  Brains – however intelligent – work best when they are not stressed out! The studio team at the LSE are fantastic for this.  From the directors to the camera guys, they are friendly and fun, as well as the ultimate professionals.  It really doesn’t feel like work and we all aim for the interviewee to have a pleasant experience – we really hope they do.

Louisa Pilbeam

Louisa-Pilbeam, female, professional, SKY-TV, London, News, business, corporate-TV, presenter, host, Great-British-Presenters, London Stock Exchange,

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