Get ready to INSPIRE INCLUSION for International Women’s Day 2024!

17th Jan 2024
Shola Kaye International Womens Day INSPIRE INCLUSION DEI Diversity Equality Inclusion keynote speaker agent Great British Speakers

Inspire Inclusion with Motivational Leadership and Communications Speaker Shola Kaye

Shola Kaye is an accomplished author and globally recognised keynote speaker on communications, leadership. empathy in the workplace and E,D I. .  She has collaborated with some of the most renowned companies worldwide including Google, Deloitte, American Express, HSBC, and Oracle. Shola’s also had articles published in Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as appearances on the BBC.

Embracing this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion Shola has carefully crafted a series of compelling keynote presentations aligned with the essence of the occasion, to help celebrate the diversity and skills of women in the workplace.

Shola Kaye hire IWD INSPIRE INCLUSION DEI Diversity Equality Inclusion keynote speaker agent Great British Speakers

Shola’s talks are not just informative, but dynamic and engaging. The Inspire Inclusion message provides audiences with practical tools, valuable insights, and immediately applicable skills. 

This International Women’s Day, Shola offers corporate audiences, 4 inspiring keynotes which are interactive high energy presentations, providing teams with new tools, insights and skills they can apply immediately within the workplace and beyond…

Shola Kaye’s Keynote Talks for Inspire Inclusion 2024

1. “Inspire Inclusion”: Presents practical frameworks and compelling stories to assist in the creation of an inclusive environment.   This keynote will delve into the significance of taking action, even in small measures, instead of succumbing to the belief that you lack the power to effect change. Uncover a wellspring of renewed energy and enthusiasm for the crucial endeavor of establishing an inclusive workplace.

2. “Embracing Self-Inclusion”: Concentrates on personal inclusion and highlights the advantages that stem from expressing one’s needs.  This talk inspires individuals who may be reluctant to pursue opportunities to boldly pursue their goals. Extensive documentation indicates that women are less inclined than men to apply for positions that are more senior than their current role. The underlying reasons for this phenomenon are multifaceted and intricate.

3. “Creating an Inclusive, Speak-Up Culture”:  This keynote explores the influence of transparency, psychological safety, and positive reinforcement in establishing an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered and encouraged to share their ideas.  ‘Speak-up’ aims to provide your audience with key-takeaways to provide a workplace culture of openness and collaboration and reflects Shola’s passion for inspiring empathy in the workplace.

4. “Choose to Challenge: The D.I.V.A Way”: This interactive and energising session, initially developed a few years ago for International Women’s Day, remains in high demand among clients due to its hands-on and enjoyable nature.

Shola Kaye | Exploring the D.I.V.A Way

Refreshed for 2024, this popular keynote will guide you in adopting the D.I.V.A’s. approach in the workplace, empowering your voices, increasing visibility, and fostering opportunities for lasting transformation. Challenging the established norms can be daunting, especially under work-related pressures, making it tempting to stay in the background instead of speaking up.

In this session, Shola will impart proven tools and strategies from her bestselling book, ‘How to be a D.I.V.A at Public Speaking‘ available on With impactful content that has resonated with global audiences across various industries, you will gain career-enhancing strategies to unlock your communication potential.

Shola Kaye | D.I.V.A ’s – Inspire Inclusion Theme Key Takeaways

This interactive keynote, featuring live demonstrations, chat, and real-time Q&A, aims to assist you in being recognised, heard, and appreciated. You’ll depart Sholas Inspire Inclusion talk with practical communication tools to become more:

1. DYNAMIC – Cease being a passive observer and command the attention you deserve in meetings and crucial conversations.

2. INSPIRING – Craft a compelling brand story and leverage your career challenges to motivate and encourage others.

3. VALUABLE – Express your opinions with clarity and precision using a straightforward yet effective communication tool.

4. AUTHENTIC – Define your communication values and establish an unwavering foundation for speaking up.

5. SUPPORTIVE – Acquire strategies to amplify the voices of your colleagues and peers.

More About Shola Kaye’s Inspire Inclusion International Women’s Day Talks

Is it possible to tailor the speech for our organisation?

Absolutely! Shola can personalize the Inspire Inclusion theme by integrating your corporate values or referencing specific initiatives within your organisation.

Can Shola offer additional takeaways to enhance the learning experience?

Certainly! The Inspire Inclusion message doesn’t end with the actual talk. Many of Shola’s presentations include supplementary materials such as handouts. Additionally, she can facilitate the feedback process by distributing a brief survey toward the end of her talk, resulting in higher response rates. A feedback report will be promptly provided after the session.

Is the talk virtual or on-site?

Given the high demand, most of Shola’s International Women’s Day sessions are conducted virtually. However, if you specify your location, preferred date, and time, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Learn more about Shola Kaye at Great British Speakers.

Shola Kaye Inspire Inclusion IWD DEI Diversity Equality Inclusion Leadership keynote speaker agent Great British Speakers

Client Testimonials…

‘Absolutely brilliant and explained clearly, giving realistic examples.’ The World Health Organization

‘Really warm and engaging. Valuable and full of insight.’ International Coalition of Girls’ Schools

‘Strongly recommended. Useful frameworks to communicate with impact, influence & empathy.’ – Telstra

‘Nice and actionable. It inspired me to ask for a promotion!’ Publicis Group

A Chat with Inspirational International Women’s Day Speaker Shola Kaye

As part of our inspirational speakers Podcast series, our director Jane Farnham spoke with Shola, to find out about her journey – from timid office worker, to renowned author and award-winning speaker.

Here Shola discusses ‘Finding your Voice’ and the importance of workplace inclusion…

To book Workplace Inclusion, Leadership and Communications Speaker Shola Kaye for your Inspire Inclusion International Women’s Day event, contact us today at Great British Speakers.   Email or call +44 1753 439 289


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