Great British Presenters Director Jane travels to Utrecht for technology printing client Komori

6th Jun 2018

Jane has been to Utrecht recently, presenting a series of live demonstrations at a 2-day exhibition open-house for one of our longest standing Great British Presenters clients, Komori.

In fact founding directors of the Great British Group of companies which include Great British VoicesGreat British Speakers and Great British Presenters first met on a Komori exhibition stand and the NEC in Birmingham over 20 years ago! So Komori as a client and a bunch of lovely people who work there holds a special place in our hearts. In case you didn’t know Jane Farnham’s background is in TV and live event presenting and Steve Denison’s is in the media production end of the business, organising both the visual software and technical AV equipment to make shows happen.

Here’s one of the typical types of shows we worked together on in the past. Two of our other experienced presenters, Multi-lingual Ashley and Louise have also worked on these projects:

Starting Great British Presenters and Voices in 2013 meant that they have a unique view on what you want from a corporate presenter and can interpret your requirement using their vast expertise in the business to provide you with the perfect presenter! Like so many other media professionals try us and you’ll see what we mean!

Our presenters host at many exhibitions all over the world, so it’s fabulous to see Great British Presenters’ founder Jane, out their in the action.

Great British Presenters has expert presenters from a variety of industries, from financetravelpropertylawhospitality, food & drinksportsmotoring.

And in spite of our ‘British’ name we have presenters located worldwide, many of whom are multilingual, speaking fluent English as well as their native language.

If you need advice on finding the perfect presenter call Jane on 0044 1753 439 289 or email safe in the knowledge you’re dealing with someone who knows how to deliver from first-hand experience in the media industry

To hire Jane contact us. Or call her at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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