How to Find the Best Business Public Speaker: A Guide to Inspire and Educate

21st Jun 2023
How to Find the Best Business Public Speaker A Guide to Inspire and Educate at Great British Speakers

Jane Farnham, Director of Great British Speakers writes about the benefits of booking a Business Public speaker.

In the fast-paced world of business, finding the right business public speaker can make a significant difference in motivating and inspiring your team.

A skilled and engaging speaker can captivate an audience, share valuable insights, and provide practical knowledge that can be applied to real-world challenges. However, with numerous options available, selecting the best business public speaker can be a daunting task.

This blog post aims to guide you through the process of finding the perfect business public speaker who will inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Before beginning your search for a business public speaker, it is crucial to define your objectives clearly. Ask yourself what specific topics or areas of expertise you want the speaker to address.

Are you looking for someone to inspire your team with personal success stories or provide industry-specific insights?

Identifying your objectives will help narrow down your search and ensure you find a speaker who aligns with your event’s goals.

Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE Restoration Partners technolgy financier backer STEM Charity diversity business speaker at Great British Speakers
Sir Ken Olisa OBE Exceptional financier, technology entrepreneur and diversity in business speaker

Research and Evaluate your Business Public speaker brief with Great British Speakers:

Conduct thorough research to identify potential business public speakers who match your requirements. Start by seeking recommendations from colleagues, industry professionals, or trusted sources. Utilse online platforms, such as speaker directories and professional networks, to explore speakers’ profiles, videos, testimonials, and topics they specialise in.

When evaluating potential speakers, consider the following criteria:

a. Expertise: Look for speakers with a deep understanding of your industry or the specific subject matter you want them to address. Great British Speakers will have already checked their background, experience, and educational qualifications to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and credibility.

b. Relevance: Assess whether the speaker’s content aligns with your audience’s interests and needs. Consider the relevance of their previous engagements, publications, or industry recognition.

c. Style and Delivery: Watch videos on their Great British Speakers bio page, or sometimes we can arrange to attend events where the speaker has presented to gauge their style, presence, and ability to engage an audience. Look for individuals who can captivate and connect with listeners through their delivery techniques, storytelling, and interpersonal skills.

d. Testimonials and Reviews: Read testimonials and reviews from previous clients to gain insights into the speaker’s professionalism, reliability, and effectiveness. Authentic feedback from others who have worked with the speaker can provide valuable information for your decision-making process. These can be found at the bottom of each speaker bio page on the Great British Speakers website!

e. Availability and Logistics: Ensure the speaker’s availability aligns with your event schedule. Consider practical aspects such as location, travel arrangements, and budget to ensure a smooth and successful event. All these are arranged and confirmed in our Great British Speakers keynote speaker booking forms.

Chris Hines COP 27 Surfers against Sewage The Eden Project Ocean conservationist business speaker at Great British Speakers
Chris Hines Sustainability Business Speaker and Consultant at Great British Speakers

Engage in Direct Communication with Business Public Speaker Experts!

Once we have shortlisted potential speakers, reach out to us to initiate a conversation. Direct interaction will allow you to assess their suitability, professionalism, and willingness to customise their presentation to meet your specific needs (all speakers vary in this matter). Share your wider event details, objectives, and any specific requirements you have. Engaging in direct communication with us will also give you an opportunity to discuss fees, contracts, and logistical arrangements.

Be wary of some speakers who will tell you they will offer bespoke talks, sometimes this simply means a short introduction and summary rather than a deep dive into the objectives of the event!

After years of experience in the speaker and communication business, we know who provides this better option than others.

To this end, at Great British Speakers, we always set up a briefing call with the speaker and all the relevant client stakeholders so we are sure of the perfect delivery on the day!

Alison Edgar MBE book high energy big balls sales communication corporate keynote business speaker at agent Great British Speakers
Alison Edgar MBE Business Start-up ambassador, sales & marketing speaker at Great British Speakers

Seek Business Public Speaker Recommendations and Referrals:

At the bottom of each of our Great British Speakers bio pages you can usually find glowing reports of their past talks. If you have a particular interest then do ask to see more references from previous clients or events they have spoken at. We can reach out to these references to gain additional insights into the speaker’s impact, preparedness, and ability to connect with the audience. These firsthand experiences can provide valuable feedback to help you make an informed decision.

Karen Blackett OBE MediaCom Chair WPP Country manager Diversity Business Speaker at Great British Speakers LI

Check out the Business Public Speaker CV in detail:

Usually, our speaker bio pages will include a video demo reel or maybe a TEDx Talk where your shortlisted speakers are presenting. Observing their presentations firsthand will give you a better understanding of their style, content, and audience engagement. This experience will enable you to make a more accurate assessment of their suitability for your event.

Consider Budgetary Constraints:

When selecting a business public speaker, it is important to consider your budgetary constraints. Determine how much you are willing to invest in the speaker’s services versus the return they’ll provide. Remember, while a higher fee may indicate greater expertise or popularity, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better speaker. Focus on finding a speaker who offers value for your investment and aligns with your objectives. It’s a question of balance.

Will they Customise the Presentation:

To ensure maximum impact, discuss with the speaker the option of customising their presentation to address your organisation’s specific needs. Providing them with relevant information about your industry, challenges, and goals will enable them to tailor their content and examples accordingly. Customisation will enhance the relevance of the presentation and create a stronger connection with your audience.

Some business public speakers are more adept at this than others, at Great British Speakers we know how far each one will go to create a bespoke presentation.

Preparing Logistics and Support:

As the event approaches, we work closely with the speaker to finalise logistical arrangements. Providing us with all the necessary information regarding the venue, audiovisual equipment, seating arrangements, and any other specific requirements they may have in a timely manner.

We ensure that their travel and accommodation arrangements are taken care of, and keep an open line of communication to address any last-minute concerns or changes.

All of the above points are taken care of in our booking forms which specify all the nitty gritty details you’ll need to cover to ensure an exceptional event.

Lord Chris Holmes STEM AI technology Blockchain diversity inclusion ESG keynote business speaker at agent Great British Speakers
Lord Chris Holmes MBE Former Paralympian, Technology, Blockchain AI business speaker at Great British Speakers

Evaluate the Speaker’s Impact:

After the event, we’ll evaluate the speaker’s impact on your audience and organisation. Seek feedback from attendees, team members, and stakeholders to gauge the effectiveness of the presentation. Assess whether the speaker met your objectives, provided actionable insights, and inspired your audience. This evaluation will not only help you assess the speaker’s performance but also guide your decision-making process for future events.

Book a Business Public Speaker

Finding the best business public speaker requires careful research, evaluation, and clear communication. By defining your objectives, conducting thorough research, engaging in direct communication, and considering relevant factors such as expertise, style, and testimonials, you can select a speaker who will inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Remember, investing time and effort into finding the right speaker will result in a successful event that motivates, informs, and energises your team to achieve greater heights in the world of business.

Jane Farnham – Director Great British Speakers

About the author:

Jane Farnham – Founder of Great British Talent

Jane Farnham is perfectly placed to offer guidance on booking the ideal public speaker. After working as a presenter for the BBC, numerous independent production companies and Blue Chip commercial corporate organisations globally she founded Great British PresentersGreat British Voices followed by Great British Speakers, the latest incarnation of the Great British Talent brand.

To book a speaker contact us at Great British Speakers on 01753 439289 or email

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