Our expert business speaker Chris Roebuck on BBC news on the downfall of Carlos Ghosn

23rd Nov 2018
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So what makes a proven leader who seemingly has everything fall?
BBC news asked Great British Speakers’ business guru Chris Roebuck, and the result was this superb insight …

As Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn is sacked many people are asking why a leader who had pretty much everything would do things which could potentially destroy them? Some have said its a pretty stupid thing for such a clever person to do. The evidence is that he is by far from an exception. How many more leaders are tempted to think of themselves as infallible and so initiate the path to their own demise?

Is any particular group at greater risk? Certainly from cases over a number of years some leaders seem to go down a path of increasingly serious bad behaviour driven by their own view of them being “special” compared to others and not subject to the same rules.

How far it goes before it is stopped seems to be a function of the leaders’ ability to stay grounded and to listen and their teams’ willingness to speak out honestly. But to help them stay grounded those around them also have a responsibility, to be honest, and give feedback. Leaders getting feedback from their people is just as important as them giving it! So leaders and their teams can stop the problem even starting via valuing humility, open feedback, transparency & integrity!

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