The UK’s Best Event Moderators: Making an Impact Worldwide

27th Sep 2023
Moderators at Great British Speakers

When it comes to hosting events that leave a lasting impact, the significance of a proficient moderator cannot be overstated. A skilled moderator possesses a valuable set of attributes, including meticulous preparation, attentive listening, effective communication, impeccable time management, impartiality, and adept event coordination. These moderators can be found across diverse domains, ranging from dynamic presenters and seasoned broadcasters to adept conference facilitators and adept business hosts.

Here at Great British Speakers, we boast an extensive roster of exceptional moderators and conference facilitators who are committed to elevating your private, public, corporate, or charitable events to the highest standards of excellence.

The following points highlight why enlisting the services of a moderator guarantees that your event will shine above the rest…


Take Initiative
An outstanding moderator takes proactive measures. They don’t simply arrive at the event and begin with a blank slate. Instead, they diligently prepare by conducting research on both the event itself and the company’s principles, values, and demands. By immersing themselves in the event’s objectives, they can anticipate the necessary actions, preempt audience inquiries, and guarantee a flawlessly executed production.

Our Recommendation
Moderator Trish Lynch has a diverse portfolio includes hosting various travel programmes, which necessitate extensive research. Additionally, she applies her expertise in corporate settings, collaborating with banking, finance, and technology firms, and contributes to United Nations initiatives on human rights. These multifaceted topics demand prior research and knowledge, a task at which Trish excels.

Effective Communication
As the primary event host, a moderator must communicate clearly and concisely with the audience. They should exude confidence in their delivery and be adept at steering debates and discussions.

Our Recommendation
Ali May ranks among the most sought-after event hosts and moderators. With a background as a Middle East reporter, keynote speaker, interviewer, and presenter, Ali adeptly tailors his work to specific industries and clients. His confidence in both speech and action enables him to interview prominent leaders and skillfully manage the flow of speeches and debates.

Utilizing an existing staff member as an event moderator may inadvertently introduce biases. Opting for an external moderator eliminates this issue and ensures the event is conducted impartially and factually.

Our Recommendation
Loose Woman’s Kaye Adams, began her career in political journalism, interviewing influential figures like Margaret Thatcher. Her experiences daytime television, have necessitated impartiality, preventing her personal opinions from interfering with her work. Kaye conducts her events based on the client’s facts rather than her own views.

Kaye Adams book Scottish TV Radio presenter Voice Over Event Host at speaker agent Great British Speakers

The most effective moderators often have backgrounds in professions involving public speaking. Journalists, presenters, and broadcasters excel in adhering to schedules and presenting complex information to live or virtual audiences.

Our Recommendation
Krishnan Guru-Murthy boasts over three decades of television news presenting experience on channels like Channel 4 and BBC, as well as radio shows for LBC and BBC Radio 4. Krishnan’s mastery lies in adhering to schedules and adapting his work for live or virtual audiences. As a renowned interviewer, he has engaged with notable individuals from diverse industries, making him proficient in handling various audience members.

Time Management
Most events requiring moderators are bound by tight schedules, whether recorded segments, live debates, panel discussions, or keynote speaker line-ups. Efficiently managing time without appearing impolite can be challenging. Experienced moderators excel at keeping everyone and everything on track without abrupt interruptions.

Our Recommendation
Chloe Tilley, a two-time Sony award-winning presenter with over 15 years of experience, excels in hosting both recorded studio programs and live events, such as the US elections and Royal Weddings. Proficient in live interviews, Chloe is adept at maintaining precise timings in high-pressure situations without disrupting the flow of conversation.

And these are just a few of the fabulous moderators we have here at Great British Speakers. Others include the well-known names of Ade Adepitan, Alex Beresford, Baroness Floella Benjamin, Clive Myrie, Fiona Phillips, Sandi Toksvig, and many, many more. Take a look at our full list HERE.

In Summary…

Hiring an event moderator is essential to ensure a well-organized and engaging event. Moderators bring expertise in guiding discussions, managing time effectively, and maintaining a neutral stance, creating a more informative and inclusive experience for participants. They enhance the overall quality and success of the event.

To book one of our British Moderators, or for a shortlist of talents personalised to your brief – contact us.

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