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Our British ‘One Voice’ Voiceover Award Nominees

3rd Apr 2023
One Voice Awards 2023 #1 Voice Overs for 2023 Nominees at Great British Voices

The UK One Voice Conference and subsequent awards ceremony is a week-long event which celebrates British Voiceover talent at all levels. From seasoned pros to the newest voices on the circuit, the One Voice Awards celebrates the excellence of British Voiceover. And we’re super excited to announce that, yet again, many of our Great British Voices have been nominated for awards.

Check out just a few of our ‘One Voice Award’ nominated voiceover talent below…

Sarah B. | Great British Voices

Sarah is a new addition to the ‘GBV’ family and we’re thrilled to see she’s been nominated for Best Newcomer of the Year at this year’s One Voice Awards. Here’s her nominated commercial piece for P&O Ferries.

Click here to listen to Sarah’s voiceover demos

Nikki | Great British Voices

This is Nikki‘s first One Voice’ nomination while at Great British Voices, and she’s up for the biggest awards of them all – Female Voiceover of the Year! A trained actress with a strong work ethic; if you’re looking for a voiceover to tell your story, your way, Nikki’s the girl to breathe life into your words. Originally from South Wales, offering a choice of clear neutral British pronunciation, authentic South Walian tones or versatility in other regional accents, Nikki excels in conversational, warm, friendly reads.

Click here to listen to Nikki’s voiceover demos

Will M. | Great British Voices

Will is up for three awards at this years ‘One Voice Awards’ in May, Best Character Voiceover Performance, Best Audio Drama Voiceover and Best Voiceover Artist Demo Performance for his Animation Demo – which you can hear below. As a classically trained voice actor whose love for games and animation drew him into the world of Voiceover, Will has voiced a variety of corporate explainers, eLearning courses, several audiobooks and multiple characters across various games and animations

Click here to listen to Will’s voiceover demos

Charlie | Great British Voices

US-based British voiceover artist Charlie is a fantastic character actor, which can undoubtably be heard in her ‘One Voice’ award nomination for Best Voiceover Artist Demo Performance, for her gaming reel.

Click here to listen to Charlie’s voiceover demos

Paul D. | Great British Voices

Paul trained as a voice actor for animations in Los Angeles with Everett Oliver ( The Simpsons ) and at the home studio of the voice legend Dave Fennoy ( The Walking Dead ). He has since been cast as some of the lead characters in games for Xbox, Nintendo, Switch, and PlayStation. So it’s no surprise to us that Paul’s been nominated for Best Character Voiceover Performance for “Tonk Giant Warrior Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors”

Click here to listen to Paul’s voiceover demos

Kimi | Great British Voices

This is Kimi’s first One Voice Award nomination and with her characterful voice and energy we’re sure this won’t be her last! Here’s her nomination of Best ‘Voice of God’ Announcer for “Cinderella On Ice.”

Click here to listen to Kimi’s voiceover demos

Mark R. | Great British Voices

This isn’t Mark’s first One Voice nomination. In fact, when it comes to the Best Voiceover IVR/Telephony category – Mark’s won this one before. He’s been nominated again this year for his voiceover for the Red Bull Racing Weekend For Co-Op which also includes in-store commercials this year – and in fact all the nominations in this category included in-store commercials too!

Click here to listen to Mark’s voiceover demos

Lucy | Great British Voices

A popular choice with our corporate clients, Lucy is a familiar voice on the awards scene as a Live announcer/ ‘Voice of God’ artist, where last year she was nominated in the Outstanding Live Announcer category. This year however, Lucy has been nominated in the Best Documentary Female Voiceover of the Year, at this years awards.

Click here to listen to Lucy’s voiceover demos

Justine | Great British Voices

Multi-award winning voiceover artist Justine has been nominated in the Best Promo Voiceover category at the 2023 ‘One Voice Award’ for her BBC promo for the Queen’s Jubilee. At last years awards, Justine took home 4 awards; ‘Best Corporate/Explainer’, ‘Best e-Learning’, ‘Best Radio Promo’  for “BBC’s – A day to say thanks” and the sought-after ”Female Voiceover Artist of the Year Award.”

Click here to listen to Justine’s voiceover demos

Kimberley | Great British Voices

Kimberley is a natural voice talent, bringing authenticity and relatability to every read. She has a neutral British accent that is soothing, clear, friendly and most importantly, versatile, which can be heard here in her nominated reel for Best Commercial Voiceover Performance. Her intuitive instincts behind the mic, mixed with her professional attitude and adaptability makes her the perfect option for bringing your project to life

Click here to listen to Kimberley’s voiceover demos

Book a British Voiceover Artist – Make an Enquiry

To book a professional award-winning voiceover artist for your next video or event, contact Great British Voices bookings co-ordinator Alex at alex@greatrbritishvoices.co.uk or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.

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