Penny Mallory – Keynote Talks – Virtual Speaker

26th Mar 2020

With the entire world being turned upside down by Coronavirus, developing our Mental Toughness is now more important than ever.

Our, and our peoples’ resilience, confidence, focus, commitment and courage is what will get us through this terrible time.

Given that the majority of UK workers are now home-based, we have been busy working over the last few weeks to offer a series of packaged solutions to hard-pressed managers and event organisers – the solution? Virtual Speaking

As a leading authority on Mental Toughness, Penny recognises first hand, the wellbeing and mental health of organisations, teams and individuals are critical to navigating through these uncertain times.

In order to support businesses across the UK and Europe, Penny is offering a free 30-minute session to organisational leaders.

The purpose of the session is to conduct a deep dive into the organisation to understand the specific impact COVID19 has had on their business, their current people management strategy and concerns around mental health and wellbeing.

Following the call, she will put together a ‘Mental Toughness Programme’ to proactively address the organisation’s issues and concerns.


The virtual speaking packages will be tailored specially to each organisation.

  • Bespoke Podcasts – a series of organisational podcasts providing guidance on how to manage the day to day impact of COVID-19 on our mental health, covering such topics as resilience, mindset and stress management.
    • Series of 10 – 15 podcasts
    • 3-4 min per session
    • Unlimited number of people within the organisation can access the podcasts
  • Live Mental Toughness Keynote Session with Q&A 
    • 1 hour duration  (45 min Keynote/15min Q&A)
    • Unlimited number of people within organisation can access the keynote.
  • 1:1 Mental Toughness and Resilience Coaching
    • Series of 5 x 1:1 hour sessions 
  • Mental Toughness Assessment and Resilience Coaching
    • A series of 48 questions to be answered online
    • A report will be created which identifies areas for developing a person’s mental toughness
    • Includes 5 follow up Mental Toughness coaching sessions

Next steps…

Whilst we recognise the huge impact COVID-19 has on every single business and individual, our partnership with our clients is more important than ever and we look forward to working closely with you during these uncertain times and coming through the other end stronger together. Contact Great British Speakers Jane Farnham below to discuss ways forward with virtual speaking in these difficult times.

So what about the future?

Outside of the current Covid 19 lockdown you may wish to consider Penny to appear in person at a planned live event. You can find out more about here on her full bio page HERE.

Keynotes include:
  • Mental Toughness
  • Creating Confidence
  • World Class Thinking
  • Resilience and Results
  • Enlightened Leadership
  • Ambition to Achievement

Below is her latest speaking teaser video just to whet your appetite

To book keynote speaker Penny Mallory to captivate and inspire your audience, with virtual speaking or in-person (After the lockdown!), fill in the contact form below or get in touch with Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 0044 1753 439 289

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