Fashion Influencer Tallia Storm at Great British Speakers

6th Mar 2019
Tallia Storm Influencer Blogger model Singer at Great British Speakers

Instagram and social media star Tallia Storm is now available for personal appearances and promotional projects at Great British Speakers

Tallia Storm Singer Social Media Instagrammer Presenter Model Host at Great British Presenters

Tallia featured on E4’s ‘Celeb’s Go Dating’ and E4’s ‘All-Star Driving’ as well as hosting WE Day at Wembley Arena and backstage interviewing the stars of the screen and stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

Representing Gen Z – the entrepreneurial & independent Millennials, with fierce ambition and originality in business, entertainment and views.

Music, fashion and television are intertwined in the world of Tallia Storm, a ‘barometer of our cultural identity’, she states, and being dressed by some of the biggest high street and luxury brands in the world such as Dior, Gucci and D&G, Tallia lives in an ‘Instagram World’ that has enabled her to flourish and deliver the kind of music she wants! If one thing’s for sure, this #storm is just getting started!

At just 22 years old Tallia Storm has been crafting her powerhouse vocals with an exciting soulful R&B blend to deliver her debut album entitled ‘Teenage Tears’.

It is no surprise that her own music yearns for emotional honesty, It is easy to detect her influences, which she sites as Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys to the jazz greats like Fitzgerald and Vaughan.

The singer/songwriter who was discovered by Sir Elton when she was just 13 years old was described as having ‘one of the most impressive soul signatures he’d heard in 20 years’ by Sir Elton. Tallia has spent the last few years working with music industry heavyweights in LA, Atlanta and London.

With her signature vocals and a 500,000 strong Instagram profile, she’s been dubbed as a major teenage influencer, fashion ‘it girl’ and ‘British Singing Sensation’ by New York based Paper Magazine.

Tallia is also the daughter of one of our outstanding women in business speakers Tessa Hartmann

See the full bio page of Tallia Storm at Great British Speakers HERE

To book Tallia Storm contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289

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