Seasons Greetings from Great British Speakers! And a look back at 2020

19th Dec 2020
Happy Christmas from Great British Speakers


It’s been a year unlike any other and for many of those in the events industry an absolutely cataclysmic one.

Who would have foreseen when we were on our stand at Confex ’20, held for the first time at EXCEL London that days later it would start to take shape as the Nightingale hospital on the very spot we were standing in?

Sadly for obvious reason we couldn’t attend two other shows we normally exhibit at, CHS Leeds and Venues and Events live, but we really hope to be back there and meet you in person as soon as it’s safe.

Great British Speakers Confex 2020 Stand EXCEL London

Continued investment in a challenging climate…

Faced with many cancellations and postponed events in true Great British Speakers style we never considered stepping back or even standing still, we went ahead and totally rebuilt the website adding more features along the way.

We’ve taken time to ensure we’ve included all the features you’d need to get just the right talent for your project. This has been a major ground-up rebuild and redesign where we’ve listened to clients and used the experience we’ve gained over the last two years to create something really special.  

You can create your own shortlist together to share with colleagues and clients as you go.

We’ve not just added more specialists in areas such as diversity, leadership, the environment, tech, travel and construction, you can now find them more easily with our powerful search tools to get just the right person from your project.

Great New Talent!

There are some high profile names in there too such as the Nations favourite farmer Adam Henson In addition to Countryfile which Adam presents alongside fellow GREAT BRITISH SPEAKERS talent Steve BrownEllie Harrison and Anita Rani, he has presented Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen, with Nigel Slater, BBC1’s Secret Britain with Ellie Harrison

Adam Henson Cotswold Farmer Countryfile TV presenter writer speaker at Great British Speakers

Then freshly back in London from living in the USA with husband Patrick Kielty the talented Cat Deeley – the perfect host for your online event.

Cat Deeley TV Presenter corporate host at Great British Speakers
Cat Deeley

In the autumn we added leading global futurist and ex Virgin Atlantic marketeer Alex Hunter. Alongside him Kate Ancktill, a futurist specialising in tech, consumer, retail & sustainable brands.

Alex Hunter Virgin USA branding customer experience expert exciting energetic entertaining keynote speaker at Great British Speakers

And now very topically, ready in the starting blocks for filming another series of the legendary ‘Changing Rooms‘ is Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

He joins others from the hit TV show alongside Carol SmilieOliver Heath and Anna Ryder Richardson also with Great British Speakers.

Laurence-Llewelyn-Bowen Interior designer property speaker at Great British Speakers

Just in time for a very successful Black History Month where we listed our top BHM speakers, we added Dr Maki Mandela, eldest daughter of the great Nelson.

Dr Makaziwe Maki Mandela Black History Month Equality Diversity Speaker at Great British Speakers

Finally, adding much-needed glamour to a dour year coming along in the personality of Melinda Messenger and the superb motivational speaker Katie Piper.

Katie Piper motivational Inspirational speaker TV presenter charity campaigner at Great British Speakers

However, if you don’t want to browse the website, you can simply contact the lovely Jane. She’s the lady with all the answers to your speaking, entertainment and hosting requirements at her fingertips.

You can call her on 0044 1753 439 289 or email

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