Reduce Workplace Stress with Mental Health Speaker Sophie Belle

8th May 2023
Sophie Belle mental health speaker wellness breathwork coach

Mental Health Speaker Sophie Belle strongly believes that the Breath is the Key to a Fundamentally Happy and Deeply Fulfilled life. This Mental Health Awareness Week, Sophie is running Workplace Wellness Workshops to help you and your team distress from those daily work challenges and help you regain a positive work-life-balance.

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Having worked in marketing agencies across the UK & Asia, and as a London-based food entrepreneur, Sophie realised that workplace stress was a huge barrier for so many people and was preventing them from really enjoy life.

After undertaking research in stress and human behaviour, Sophie began her mindfulness practice where she specialises as a trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator and Feminine Energy Coach; it’s Sophie’s full-time mission to teach people about the science-based efficacy of breathwork.

So, what has Breathwork taught Sophie?

1️⃣ How to get ‘out of my head’- this one is so refreshing, goodbye spiraling thoughts
2️⃣ I actually like myself now – no more cringing at self-love inspired things
3️⃣ Learning what true relaxation feels like and the incredible benefits of having that real recharge

And now Sophie is working with us at Great British Speakers to offer your team the same impactful teachings through breathwork.

About Sophie Belle’s Breathwork Workshops

In her workshops, Sophie teaches the fundamentals of breathing correctly (research shows that over 70% of us don’t!). She teaches that by using simple breathwork techniques to manage stress and build resilience and using breathwork to tap into your intuition and feminine energy (often overlooked in a goal-driven environment), we are likely to be happier, more focused and more productive.

Audiences come away from Sophie’s sessions with an understanding of how to easily prioritise mental health within the workplace by implementing these simple, yet highly effective breathwork tools.

Watch a brief intro to her workshops below…

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Why is it important for businesses to focus on Mental Health?

Stress is a significate factor in our everyday lives. The lingering pressures and post covid-anxiety; work from home stress, and the cost of living crisis have all played a role. And when our mental health suffers, our workplace productivity does too which loses organisations billions every year due to unproductivity.

Breathwork is a simple solution that once mastered, your team and implement in seconds when stressful situations occur.

Alternatively, if you work in Sales, then perhaps a ‘Mindful Sales’ approach with Mental Health Speaker Anis Qizilbash is more for you?

So often an unhealthy work-life balance can lead to heightened stress and this can negativity effect how we conduct ourselves, both at home and at work. Anis’ mission is to help client’s reduce those stresses so they can have a more productive, positive outlook – having gained the tools to solve problems and overcome them with as little stress as possible.

Hire the UK’s leading Mental Health Awareness Speakers

If you feel that neither a breathwork workshop or a ‘Mindful Sales’ approach is quite right for you and your team, why not consider one of our top 10 inspirational Mental Health speakers who can personal their keynote talks to add extra value at your next mental health and wellbeing event.

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