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Navigating Menopause: Insights from Leading Women’s Health Speakers

21st Aug 2023
Navigating the menopause insights from expert womens health speakers at agent Great British Speakers

Menopause, a natural phase of life, brings with it a range of physical and emotional changes for women. Acknowledging the significance of this transformative journey, we’re dedicating this blog to the impactful realm of menopause.

The power of an expert women’s health speaker can be empowering – shedding light on women’s health during this life stage, providing guidance, support, and understanding.

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Why hire a leading Menopause Awareness Speaker?

Menopause is a chapter that every woman encounters, yet it often remains shrouded in silence due to societal taboos. This is where the importance of open conversations and expert insights comes into play. Understanding the physiological and emotional shifts that accompany menopause is crucial for women to navigate this phase with confidence and grace.

The Role of Menopause Speakers:

Expert menopause speakers are invaluable assets in the realm of women’s health. These knowledgeable individuals possess a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of menopause. Through their talks, they shed light on the challenges that women may face during this time and offer practical solutions to manage symptoms, maintain overall well-being, and embrace this transition as a natural and empowering part of life.

Breaking the Silence:

By engaging in discussions facilitated by menopause speakers, women are encouraged to break free from the silence that often surrounds menopause. These conversations foster a sense of community, where women can share their experiences, concerns, and questions openly. Through informative talks and interactive sessions, women gain the tools they need to approach menopause with knowledge and confidence.

Educating All:

It’s not just women who benefit from these discussions. Menopause speakers also play a crucial role in educating everyone, regardless of gender, about the realities of menopause. By increasing awareness, these speakers promote empathy, understanding, and support within families, workplaces, and communities.

Empowering Workplaces:

The impact of menopause doesn’t stay confined to personal lives; it extends to the workplace as well. Expert menopause speakers help bridge the gap in knowledge within professional settings, enabling employers and colleagues to create a more supportive environment. By recognizing the challenges women may face during menopause and implementing strategies for accommodation, companies can foster a workplace culture that truly values the well-being of all employees.

Our Leading Expert Speakers on Menopause

Andrea McLean | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Andrea McLean encountered the onset of early menopause after medical diagnosis of endometriosis lead her to have a full hysterectomy. Andrea’s feelings of dealing with the menopause, have since led her to become a prominent voice on the topic. Her involvement extended to speaking engagements, notably participating as a speaker at the Boots UK – Menopause Monologues Event.

Andrea’s also published a book “Confessions Of A Menopausal Woman” and launched a website “This Girl Is On Fire” not only addresses the menopause but also other significant subjects pertaining to women’s lives.

While most of her talks are address to female audiences, she also is a strong advocate for the importance of men to discuss the topic also.

Andrea McLean Hire TV awards host presenter Loose Women ITV book at Great British Speakers

Dr. Nighat Arif | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Dr. Nighat Arif, an accomplished family GP with expertise in women’s health, specialises in areas such as menopause, family planning, and promoting gender health equity. She led the forefront of the BBC Breakfast initiative named ‘Wake Up To The Menopause.’ In this campaign, Nighat spearheaded segments aimed at eradicating the stigma surrounding menopause across various cultural contexts.

In her role as an outreach clinician, Dr. Arif frequently engages with fellow healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and community teams, along with residents. These interactions center around addressing the unmet health requirements of the female BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) community, a group that tends to have lower engagement with healthcare providers. Additionally, she conducts regular women’s health workshops, providing a platform for women to come together and voice their concerns pertaining to a wide spectrum of female health matters.


Lauren Vaknine | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Lauren Vaknine is a holistic women’s health coach, and earlier this year (2023) gave a talk on preventing the symptoms associated with menopause before it fully manifests. She has established herself as an expert in this field, advocating for a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Lauren’s expertise extends beyond menopause, encompassing natural health and parenting. Her well-informed articles on these topics have gained recognition, appearing in a variety of publications. Moreover, she is a sought-after speaker at wellness gatherings, with her most recent appearance being at the esteemed Get Well Show held in London. Through her insights and presentations, Lauren Vaknine actively contributes to fostering a comprehensive understanding of holistic health and its significance in women’s lives.


Shona Hirons | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Shona Hirons, experienced a significant life change when she entered early menopause at the age of 44 due to a hysterectomy stemming from a uterine cancer diagnosis. This event had a profound impact on both her personal and professional life.

Shona’s personal journey, plus her incredible strength in overcoming many health adversities, have led Shona to become a renowned Resilience and Burnout Coach and the CEO of Mindset in Motion. As a leader in corporate wellbeing, she collaborates with corporate clients spanning across 195 countries. Shona’s overarching mission revolves around enhancing the well-being of individuals and businesses on a global scale.

Shona Hirons Resilience Mental Health First Aid coach Workplace Wellness motivational speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Lisa Snowden | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Popular TV personality and model, Lisa Snowden made her authorial debut with the release of her book titled “Just Getting Started: Lessons in Life, Love, and Menopause” (2023). This book is hailed as a “refreshingly intimate and profoundly inspiring guide” that accompanies individuals on their journey towards embracing life as they grow older. Within its pages, Lisa imparts valuable insights and guidance on a range of experiences tied to this phase of life, such as managing weight changes, navigating hormonal shifts, addressing libido concerns, and cultivating self-love.

Lisa Snowdon Model ITV This Morning book TV Radio Presenter Award Host Celebrity Masterchef book at Great British Speakers

Kaye Adams | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Leveraging her platform as a popular TV presenter, Kaye Adams has often spoken out on women’s health issues and the menopause. Her discussions shed light on the challenges and nuances of this life phase, aiming to create awareness, understanding, and support for individuals navigating menopause. Through her role as a menopause speaker, Kaye Adams contributes to the broader conversation surrounding women’s health and well-being.

Kaye Adams book Scottish TV Radio presenter Voice Over Event Host at speaker agent Great British Speakers

Mariella Frostrup | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Mariella Frostrup is an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, who has more recently gained recognition for her vocal advocacy concerning the topic of Menopause. Her focus lies on addressing themes such as gender equality, empowerment, and Menopause. A notable commitment in Mariella’s advocacy journey for Female health equality was her endorsement of The Menopause Pledge. This pledge, championed by the House of Commons, is a commitment to provide support to individuals navigating the challenges of the menopausal transition. Through her multifaceted endeavors, Mariella Frostrup is a prominent figure contributing to important conversations on women’s health, empowerment, and social change.

High Profile Menopause Wellness motivational speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Davina McCall | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Davina McCall is one of the UK’s leading female TV presenters, and a prominent figure who has taken on various roles in the realm of menopause advocacy. As a Menopause Speaker, she passionately raises awareness about the challenges and experiences tied to navigating menopause. Her dedication is reflected in her participation in impactful TV shows and books.

She’s hosted a number of Channel 4 documentaries on Women’s Health, and has played a pivotal role in shedding light on the menopausal journey. Her documentaries offer a unique blend of personal stories, expert insights, and societal perspectives, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

As an author, Davina released “Menopausing” which offers an insightful exploration of menopause, drawing from her own experiences and research. Her book provides readers with valuable information, advice, and perspectives on navigating this transitional phase of life.


Elizabeth Joseph | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Elizabeth Joseph underwent a profound midlife reinvention spurred by her frustration and anger at the taboo surrounding perimenopause. She discovered perimenopause in her forties, initially mistaking it for an auto-immune disease and early dementia due to a lack of open discussion on the topic. Feeling isolated in her experience, she resolved to break the silence and become a pioneer in exploring natural approaches and unconventional remedies for menopausal symptoms.

Elizabeth’s overarching belief is that a woman’s midlife transition can be her most empowering period. Instead of fading into invisibility, she encourages women to step into their power during their “second act.” Through her column ‘Second Act,’ she highlights stories of women who have embraced new challenges and opportunities in midlife, demonstrating that it’s possible to live a fulfilling and purposeful life during this stage. These women have transformed their careers and lives, illustrating that midlife can indeed be a time of personal growth and accomplishment.

Elizabeth Joseph - hire Mid life Menopause keynote speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

Katie Taylor | Women’s Health Menopause Speaker

Katie Taylor is the founder of The Latte Lounge, and The Midlife Festival, as well as a podcast host, keynote speaker, and menopause consultant. After suffering for four years with misdiagnosed symptoms of the perimenopause, Katie created the Latte Lounge, an online platform for women aged 40 and over to support them at home and in the workplace. Feeling alone, Katie experienced low mood, low energy, insomnia, anxiety, and brain fog, which was the complete opposite of her usual outgoing and bubbly self. The symptoms were so debilitating, she even had to leave three jobs. Misdiagnosed with depression, she was given medication, but the symptoms persisted, and it wasn’t until four years later she was finally diagnosed as going through the perimenopause.

With a special interest in perimenopause and menopause support in the workplace, she has worked with the All-Party-parliamentary-Group, and the Government’s Women’s Health Initiative, helping to make the menopause part of the new women’s health strategy. She is a familiar face in national media, speaking about the menopause and the experiences of midlife women. She launched her own podcast, Midlife and Menopause Uncovered, in 2023 which reached over 70,000 people within just five episodes. Now the winner of the Work Avenue Entrepreneur of the Year, and a name on the About Time Magazine Top 10 Women to Watch List, Katie is passionate about making women’s experiences in the workplace the best as they can be.

Katie Taylor - hire Menopause keynote speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

Hire a Speaker for World Menopause Day

Our Menopause Awareness Day are experts in transforming the narrative around women’s health. Their insights break down barriers, encourage conversations, and empower women to embrace the journey of menopause with confidence and vitality. By embracing the knowledge and support our menopause speakers provide, we pave the way for a brighter and healthier future for women everywhere.

To hire a World Menopause Day Awareness speaker, email bookings@greatbritishtalent.com or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team

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