Matt Ellison | Inspirational Transgender Pride Month Speaker

24th Apr 2023
Matt Ellison LGBTQ Transgender Speaker at Great British speakers agency

As a transgender man, diversity, LGBTQ+ inclusion and the importance of allyship are all subjects close to Matt Ellison’s heart. So, when you bring him on-board as one of your Pride Month Speakers, his passion for empowering people to embrace their individuality­ and overcome what’s holding them back, will keep on resonating well after his time on the stage has ended.

As a keynote speaker, Matt offers inspirational talks with a powerful message – the ideal summery to round-up your Pride event. Matt will leave you with a truly unforgettable message of facing challenges, finding hope and achieving happiness.

Learn more about inspirational LGBTQ+ Speaker Matt Ellison HERE.

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A Chat With Inspirational LGBTQ+ Pride Month Speaker Matt Ellison

As part of our ‘Chat with…’ podcast series at Great British Speakers, our director Jane Farnham sat down with Matt to talk about his personal and professional life as a transgender man, his experience of hate, the importance of being your true self, and how to implement successful change.

Matt’s background as a Pride Month Speaker

From marching at Pride as co-chair of FTM London – a female-to-male transition support organisation -to working with a range of SMEs and international brands, Matt is no stranger to this fantastic month-long event which runs throughout June.

Matt has been hired as Pride Speaker for a number of international companies, including Microsoft, Disney, Rolls Royce, eBay, Henkel, 38 degrees, Nest Corporation, Pod Point, Actis, Beacon, Q4 and Portman Dental Care.

Matt is a great believer in encouraging effective change, with his Pride speeches helping to kick-start organisational initiatives and enabling people to fully connect with the subject of diversity and inclusivity. So if you want to start implementing internal adjustments such as using pronouns in emails, or launching an allyship programme, what better way to start than have Matt Ellison take the floor as your featured Pride Month speaker?

See just what some of Matt’s client’s have said about his inspirational keynote talks below:-

A Pride Month Speaker Who Speaks For All…

While Matt’s personal experiences are at the core of his discourse, his work as a Pride Month Speaker isn’t just aimed at the LGBTQ+ audience. The magic lies in his ability to connect with and relate to anyone and everyone – from minority groups, to those struggling to find their purpose or anyone who simply wants to learn how to live a more fulfilling life.

Hire Transgender Pride Month Speaker Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison is one of the most personally qualified Pride Month Speakers on the UK circuit today. So, if you’re looking for an experienced Pride Month Speaker to entertain, educate and inspire your event guests or employees, then hire Matt by contacting us at Great British Speakers.

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