Mark Millar – The Future of Global Supply Chains keynote speaker.

23rd May 2024
Expert Insight Future Global Supply Chain speaker Mark Millar at Great British Speakers

Benefit from keynote speaker Mark’s extensive 30+ years of global business experience in logistics, B2B development, and strategy to succeed:

Who is Mark Millar?

Mark is a renowned Keynote Speaker; a respected authority on Supply Chain and Logistics; an accomplished Professional MC & Moderator; and Author of the widely acclaimed book ‘Global Supply Chain Ecosystems

A consultant, moderator and renowned keynote speaker, Mark brings a wealth of expertise and insight into the future direction of global supply chains. With a distinguished track record of serving leading brands such as DHL, L’oreal, BT, HSBC, Oracle and Citi.

Expert Insight Future Global Supply Chain Mark Millar speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

Why hire Mark Millar for your talk?

Mark Having worked across four continents for industry giants, DHL and UPS,  Mark is uniquely positioned to give insight into the evolving landscape of supply chains and has a knack for articulating complex information through thorough research and analysis of current trends. 

He has written for over 80 publications, featuring in six languages and 20 countries, and is the acclaimed author of “Global Supply Chain Ecosystems” 

He has presented his keynotes at over 500 events across 5 continents and 30 countries.

What is the Future of Global Supply Chain Mark Millar speaker at Great British Speakers

Mark Millar | Keynote Talks

In his keynote presentations, Mark delves into the pressing question: What will the supply chain of the future look like?  With Mark, audiences embark on a journey exploring the forces shaping our tomorrow.   Drawing upon his core expertise, Mark crafts bespoke presentations tailored to each event’s specific objectives, themes, and audiences. 

Latest talk…

With his latest talk ‘What’s next for Globalization?’ he looks specifically into

Turbulent times: Black Swans, Geopolitics, Conflict and Economics

Shifting Landscapes: Trade flows, Supply chains, Location Criteria

The New Normal: Emerging markets, Regional Supply Issues and Modal shifts.

What is next for globalisation Global Supply Chain speaker Mark Millar at Great British Speakers

The presentation has been well received by delegates – and stimulated plenty of discussion about the future direction of trade – and logistics – as geopolitical tensions are driving more near-shoring and re-shoring initiatives, which will result in more regional supply chains.

General keynote topics include:

  • Beyond Globalization
  • E-Commerce Frenzy 
  • Digital Disruption
  • The Asian Century
  • Supply Chain 101
  • Leadership Learnings.

From prestigious gatherings to targeted briefings for top execs, Mark consistently delivers a polished performance that holds audiences spellbound from beginning to end.

“An infectious energy fills the room. All eyes focus on the stage. An intoxicating cocktail of fascinating insights and engaging interaction with a sprinkling of humour. Mark’s presentation concludes with extended applause…” 

Mark Millar Global Supply Chain expert speaker at agent Great British Speakers

Mark’s Approach.

Mark Millar always aims to provide his clients with the most engaging yet informative experience with key takeaways they can implement from the moment he leaves.

As a professional keynote speaker, Mark focuses on crafting presentations that inform and inspire. He delivers independent perspectives that audiences can trust. 

Mark will take the time to learn about your objectives, audience, and priorities and develop a presentation that will generate maximum impact at your event. 

Event organisers consistently praise Mark for his helpfulness, enthusiasm, and ease of work. His presentations are guaranteed to be informative, energetic, and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Hundreds of satisfied organisers have engaged and re-engaged Mark as their keynote speaker, attesting to his ability to add significant value to any event and audience.

To find out more about keynote speaker Mark Millar go to his speaker profile page at Great British Speakers HERE

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