Boo-st Your Brand this Halloween with a Professional Character Voiceover

1st Sep 2023
Halloween character voiceover great british voices - Uk voice actor agency

Halloween is a brilliant time of year to unleash your fun side, and for businesses looking to capitalize on the season’s spooky spirit, creating captivating commercial and corporate videos is essential. And one surefire way to make your Halloween-themed content stand out is through a brilliant character voiceover.

But how can they transform your advertisements into spine-tingling, memorable experiences…

The best halloween voice artists at Great British Voices

The Power of Professional Voiceovers

Voiceovers are a powerful tool in advertising, capable of conveying emotion, personality, and storytelling. When it comes to Halloween, character voiceovers add an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to your promotional materials. They can turn an ordinary advertisement into a mini horror movie or a playful, mystical journey, just with the voice!

While you might have a vision for the perfect Halloween character voice, it’s essential to enlist the help of professional voice talent. Experienced voice actors can bring authenticity and depth to your character, ensuring that the voice matches the intended mood and tone of your advert.

Peter B. | Great British Voices Character Actor – Iceland Ad. booked via Great British Voices

Choosing the Right Character Actor

Selecting the perfect character voice for your advert is crucial, and with so many characters to consider, what one best suits your brief?

  1. The Spooky Narrator: A deep, sinister voice can set the perfect eerie tone for a haunted house attraction or a horror movie marathon. This voice exudes mystery and invites listeners into a dark, thrilling world.
  2. The Friendly Witch/Wizard: For family-friendly Halloween events, a warm, enchanting voice reminiscent of a friendly witch or wizard can create a sense of magic and wonder.
  3. The Mischievous Imp: This playful character voice can add humor and mischief to your Halloween advert, making it suitable for events or products targeted at a younger audience.
  4. The Classic Monster: Think Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Wolfman. These iconic monster voices can bring a nostalgic, classic horror vibe to your advertisement.
  5. The Ghostly Whisperer: Sometimes, the power of suggestion is more terrifying than outright scares. A ghostly, whispering voice can send shivers down the spine, leaving a lasting impression.


Drew | Great British Voices Character Actor

Find the Perfect Halloween Character | Great British Voices

Halloween character voiceovers are a fantastic way to breathe life into your adverts and commercials during this spooky season. With the right character voice, script, and production elements, you can create memorable and engaging content that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. So, as the Halloween season approaches, consider the power of character voiceovers to elevate your marketing efforts and make this Halloween one to remember.

To find your perfect character voiceover this Halloween, contact us at Great British Voices. Email or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.

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