Charity Fundraiser David Harper events

29th Jun 2020
David Harper Charity Fundraiser auctions at Great British Speakers

David Harper charity auctioneer extraordinaire creates value for your next Charity fundraiser event! Holder of a world record after selling dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson!

David Harper antiques expert presenter broadcaster host auctioneer at Great British Presenters

Firstly a little about David (In case you don’t watch Bargain Hunt!)

Charity Fundraiser David Harper is a well-known BBC TV presenter. Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Flog It, For What It’s Worth and The Antiques Road Trip are all shows he presents. These hugely popular BBC programmes are shown in over 50 countries worldwide. David has appeared on many other BBC TV programmes too from The One Show to Celebrity Masterchef, Through The Keyhole to Countryfile, Celebrity Eggheads to The Heaven & Earth Show!

See Davids TV showreel below.

His after-dinner/lunch talks are very lively and with plenty of audience participation. Guests can bring along antiques to be featured in the talk if they like, if easier, he can use photos on a projector, or ad-lib an unscripted talk on art, antiques, classic cars and making TV shows. All with funny, real and sometimes mind-boggling stories!

How does a David Harper Charity fundraiser work?



For the likes of hotels and hospitality venues, there’s a great deal to be gained. Firstly, these events are usually scheduled in quiet diary windows so they fill your venue and keeps cash coming through the door when you most need it. Secondly, it gets you noticed – every new person through the door is another potential future event booker. Thirdly, It gains you PR by being involved with Charitable causes in the community both at a local and wider level.


For Charities themselves, David more than covers his costs by using his auctioneering experience to leverage more profit for you out of the same event. As an extra bonus, David is also an accomplished artist in his own right and if you’ll allow him to bring along some pictures and they sell at your event he’ll deduct the sales value of those from his auctioneers’ fee!!! So in many cases, Davids increased value costs you absolutely nothing!

The Shine Trust was moved to say “Phenomenal! £240,000 raised and highly entertaining”

Let David Harper tell you how his charity fundraiser works…

Put simply, it’s a win-win for all concerned, so what are you waiting for? Call us now on 01753 439289 to find out how charity fundraiser and auctioneering wizard David can transform your organisations’ fortunes.

To see David Harper’s full bio page with other videos inspiration and ideas go HERE

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