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14th Dec 2023

Inspirational corporate wine tasting events with Joe Wadsack

Corporate wine tasting is a great way to engage and interact with your clients, and booking a high-profile expert adds to the draw of your event. A popular figure on our TV screens, Joe Wadsack is not just a wine expert and keynote speaker.

Hosting a wine-tasting session, whether in person or virtually, can be a delightful and educational experience. Joe can guide your team through different types of wine, offering insights into their flavours, pairings, and the art of wine appreciation.

I Don’t Understand Wine

A corporate wine tasting isn’t aimed at armchair experts, it’s very much inclusive and fun on many levels. Although Joe might have studied winemaking in Bordeaux, and worked for a number of leading supermarket chains, and industry bodies he knows exactly how to deliver an interactive and educational event in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable manner.

His many television appearances – Saturday Morning Kitchen, Richard and Judy, Great Wine Walks, The Wright Stuff, Food and Drink with Tom Kerridge – have given Joe the ability to talk about highly technical specifics in a user-friendly way, understandable by any audience.

What Wine Goes With Which Course?

Whilst Joe may not be a chef in his own right, his parents were both recognised cooks and have given Joe an affinity for pairing the best wine with the best food. His father was Karl Hermann Wadsack, Egon Ronay’s Chef of the Year 1976. Together with his mother, they opened a highly successful gastropub which went on to win the Egon Ronay’s Pub of the Year award.

But I Don’t Drink

With 12.5% of all adults in the UK declaring themselves teetotal, wine tasting might be a difficult topic if your audience fits into that category. But Joe can cater for all alcohol appetites, providing non-alcoholic wines during his in-person or virtual tasting sessions.

You Can’t Drink and Drive, what’s the solution?

Whilst Joe offers in-person tasting sessions, he is very aware that for most people, driving to an event means no alcohol, and whilst he does offer non-alcoholic wines (see above), he has found a way around that. With the addition of COVID lockdowns ensuring meetings were carried out virtually, Joe can now provide a fascinating virtual wine tasting session, available for audiences across the globe.

Corporate Wine Tasting with Joe Wadsack at Great British Speakers | A real-life example

During lockdown Joe delivered a memorable corporate wine tasting event for a tech client which spanned the globe. This involved 3 regional virtual presentations, Far East, EMEA and the Americas where wine samples were shipped out to clients to sample at home. The event was conducted over the same day and from his studio in London Joe had an early start, a midday and late evening event to run as the event was timed to happen after work for clients in each region. The samples were specifically chosen from each of the three parts of the globe so people discovered a little more about their own countries’ products as well as adventuring into more unfamiliar tipples from neighbouring producers. With his vast knowledge from travelling around the world, his accompanying talks were peppered with in-depth expertise and funny anecdotes.

Joe-Wadsack-virtual-online-corporate wine-tasting-at-Great-British-Speakers

What To Choose – and from where?

Perhaps you want to honour a particular country, or a particular food, or a particular occasion. Joe is able to create sessions dedicated exactly to your brief, ensuring you have a well-rounded and cohesive event for you just like the example above.

Celebrity International Corporate wine tasting events with Joe Wadsack at Great British Speakers

So how about combining a celebrity corporate wine tasting and food event for us?

Whilst Joe provides his corporate wine tasting sessions individually, he has so much experience working with high-profile chefs, such as Michelin-starred Tom Kerridge.

Here at Great British Speakers, we have a range of high profile cooks and chefs also available, including James Wong, John Torode, Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry, The Hairy Bikers, Yotam Ottolenghi, and, the aforementioned Tom Kerridge.

Si & Dave The Hairy Bikers Hire Motorcycle Chefs presenters hosts at booking agent Great British Speakers
Yotam Ottolenghi - NOPI restauranteur deli entrepreneur host presenter speaker at Great British Speakers

Contact Great British Speakers now on 01753 439 289, or email to find out more about how corporate wine tasting expert Joe Wadsack is able to entertain, captivate, and inspire your audience through the magic of wine.

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